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Slaanesh in a Word Bearer army?

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Hi all! This is my first post on LO, but I've read many, so please let me know if I break ettiqute. I've been away from 40k for about 4yrs. and I've recently gotten back into it. I have a large Word Bearer army, but much to my dissmay the new codex totaly stuck it to my boys in the poop shoot. So now I have to completly re-tool my army (luckily only a third of it is painted) and from what I've read here and saw in my codex I really want to run a DP w/ MoS and LoS, as I run a cc heavy army. Thing is, how do I make a Slaanesh DP HQ fit in with the Word Bearer fluff? I like my armies to have stories to them and usually write a short story for each unique list I make explaining how the characters met etc. etc.
Also, my main opponent will be running a loyalist army (uhgggg). Any suggestions on tactics and lists to use on these guys would be appreciated. Some things I would like to stick to are a cc themed army and Word Bearer fluff. Tzeentch would fit nice with the WB's cause they would ally themselves to take part in the spoils of any sorcerous lore the WB uncover. Anyone come up with any cool DP's with the MoT?
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Welcome to LO! :handshake:

As far as fluff, its pretty easy to justify how certain units can "fit" into a Legion specific list. After all, wouldn't the Word Bearers be a Legion likely to worship all aspects of Chaos, and therefore have units honoring all the Ruinous Powers?

As far as tactics versus Loyalists, we have some great stickied threads in every section, and a nice Search function at the top of the page.
Anyone come up with any cool DP's with the MoT?
Well, it's pretty hard to put together a bad DP. The best MoT combo is probably wings, warptime and whatever shooting power you want. The problem is MoT DP's are rather expensive.
Word bearers worship Chaos undevided so like black legion, it's not uncommon to see cult troops from any of the 4 gods joining them, though Chaos Glory would be the most prominent in a Word Beaers army
how do I make a Slaanesh DP HQ fit in with the Word Bearer fluff
Well, Word Bearer Dark Apostle "Ralph" rose throughout the ranks of the legion because he was very good at his spoken litanies, his demagogue, and generally getting his way and being able to get the demons and other marines to do what he wants. This was brought to a pinnacle when he made an deal with Slaanesh, where Ralph attained Daemonhood, and his powers of persuasion so powerful he can get anybody to do what he wants... His powers are now equivalent to the Lash of Submission.

Thanks, I really like you take on the Slaanesh DP aeroplane. I actually makes perfect sense and I don't see anyone in my local leagues arguing as to a DP with a MoS in my WB army with that explaination at my disposal. I just sooo wish he still had crozius demon weapons and the demagogue ability in 5th, but its not so bad with the new demon weapons and the fearless HQ.
Black Legion (and Word Bearers) are armies that follow ALL of the Gods, not one or two. Having a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh is perfectly fine since it would be easy to follow that Slaanesh would gift any of his servants, not just those two hung around with the "right crowd".
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