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Slaanesh options

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I'm considering making a slaanesh daemon army(fantasy or 40k I haven't quite decided, leaning towards 40k so I thought I'd post it here). What exactly is there in terms of units devoted to slaanesh? There's the masque, keeper of secrets, daemonettes and the fiends(?). Are there any more? Do they still have the daemonettes riding those lizard-like creatures with the long tongues?
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Daemonettes are fine if you're going all slaanesh, otherwise fiends, seekers, and heralds on chariots are better, and plaguebearers and pink horrors make better troop choices.

Fiends are one of the deadliest close combat units, point for point, in all 40k. They're definitely worth taking. Their models are expensive and silly looking though, so most people just use the plastic chaos spawn kits for them.

Keepers of secrets are fantastic, especially if you give them musk. Just remember that they're not invincible. When not in close combat, keep them hidden.

The Masque is fine, but she's easily killed. Still, if that doesn't bother you, she can really mess with an opponent's army for a turn or two, before dying.

The seekers of slaanesh, daemon princes of slaanesh, and heralds of slaanesh are the only other slaanesh units in the codex.

Seekers of slaanesh don't actually have models (we're still not sure why), but you could easily model them on cold ones (lizard men lizards) or virtually any other steed, or do what I did and combine daemonette models with cheap spider riders from ebay, turning them into daemonette-spider centaurs.

Daemon Princes of Slaanesh are good for Pavane, but generally need to be cheap to be effective. I'd give them ironhide and pavane. That's all.

Heralds of slaanesh are only good on chariots. Give them musk and unholy might. Again, they have no official model, so just use a fantasy chariot, or make one from scratch, with homemade seekers pulling it.

Good luck!
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A herald is basically an elite version of the daemonette right? With more options too...
Basically, yeah. They're only really worth taking if you give them a chariot, which increases all their stats significantly. If they don't have a chariot, then the points are better spent on more daemonettes, seekers, or fiends.
Do you know if these are all available in warhammer fantasy though?
Yes, one of the unique features of the Chaos Daemons army is that it uses the exact same units/characters/models for both fantasy and 40k. Of course, the abilities and costs of the models are very different, but they're basically the same. In general, Slaanesh fantasy armies are considered to be more competitive than Slaanesh 40k armies, because they always strike first in fantasy, it's more difficult to shoot them down, and the ability to control your opponent's movement is far more devastating in fantasy.

The warhammer fantasy army includes the Keeper of Secrets as an expensive Lord choice that can cast spells as well as tear up opponents in close combat. The heralds of slaanesh are a lot more versatile, since they have more options and can cast spells. Daemon Princes are powerful fliers and spellcasters, similar to the Keeper of Secrets, only a bit less powerful and cheaper. The masque is a hero and is a bit more viable, since shooting isn't as prevalent in fantasy.

Daemonettes are the slaanesh core choice, and are a bit more viable then their 40k counterparts, since heralds allow them to always strike first. Seekers are expensive, yet competitive fast cavalry, and fiends are a lightning fast rare choice.

You can use the same models for both fantasy and 40k as long as you put them on the square fantasy bases. Some 40k opponent may request, in certain situations, that you temporarily replace the model with a round base of the appropriate size, but that's very rare.

Good luck!
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Thanks for everything, rep for you.
I was thinking about making them viable for both 40k and fantasy, pay for two army books and that's two armies right there. I had originally thought that there was only the daemonettes, masque, fiends and the kos. Though now I think I will take a slaanesh daemon force...after I add about 2500 to my other armies *sigh*
No problem, glad I could help.
If you want modells for Seekers of slaanesh try Gaamezone miniatures from germany. They make some daemon cavalry that fit the old GW models reasonably well.

I have seen some people make a sort of daemonette centaur to use as seekers. Goblin spiders, chaos hounds, cold ones etc and be used for the lower part.
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