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slannesh beasts of chaos

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I was thinking about starting a slannashi boc army and dont like the paint scheme in the army book. Can anyone suggest a good colour scheme?
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Well, although mine are not necessarily Slaanesh devoted, they have blue skin (midnight blue highlighted with enchanted blue), greyish fur (codex grey with drybrushed layer of commando khaki) and reddish horns.
they came out rather nicely (admittedly due to the fact that about all of my nonhuman chaos troops have that skin colour) :w00t:
My slaanesh beasts of chaos have fortress grey then space wolves grey skin, with scorched brown then highlighted with Vomit Brown fur. The horns and hooves im having a hard time finding a good color, but for now im using liche purple with warlock highlights.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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