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A lot of the question is in the title but to clarify it a little more, I am starting up a dwarf army for my daughter and she likes the ones with 'spiky' orange hair. Not a bad way to start an army really since that was how I picked my WoC eighteen years ago.

So I have converted a model to represent the Slayer King and I am now off to the races. But from what I have been reading the Slayers themselves are typically being used as chaf/warmachine/wizard hunters in small units. Has anyone had any experience with Slayers in the new book (which I will have to read up on shortly)? Obviously I am not looking to make an uber competitive list here but one with a good foundation so that if Dad feels like taking them for a spin I can go toe to toe with the likes of WoC, Daemons, and the odd pointy ear list.

Any advice (or simply directions where to look for this information) would be greatly appreciated.

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