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SM Chapter: The Holy Order - help needed

Hello there, long time member here, but haven't posted in years because life took over and pulled me away from 40k. Now I am back on the tabletop and starting to sort my army out I thought I would run what I have by here and see some opinions.

The Holy Order
Founding chapter: Dark Angels
Founding: 21st
Chapter master – Angelus Palatine.
Chapter icon:

Home world:
Orbital Station Silent Right
The Station, used for the seeding of the chapter, also became the home during their founding years, it is larger than any than any ship in the fleet, its upper half a colony the size of a miniature hive world, with sections below that allow the station to leave the orbit of a planet to travel to another, as well as being heavily armed, it bears a multitude of docks for other battleships, such as their battle barge Divine Bliss, to dock and load or unload troops, as well as thunderhawks and drop pods for surface visits or assaults.
This station allows them to travel to worlds and build fortress monasteries upon them, both allowing them to defend the planets as well as finding potential recruits amongst the populace.

Main colours: Silver armour with golden trim.
Battle Cry:
Estimated strength: Unknown

The entire chapter's Lyman's Ears have been noted to gradually change after the implantation process is complete, within a matter of years the marine bears pointed ears.

Combat Doctrine:
The Holy Orders are known for their incredible resilience and fearlessness, and believe in striking at their enemies up close and personal, favoring the use of swordlike weapons or hammers, with the occasional variant melee weapon at times. Consequently, they employ large numbers of drop-pods, jump packs, and teleporting Terminators to bring the battle to their opponent swiftly, though they often also favour land raider crusaders for swift infantry movement on the surface and heavy armour and weaponry for aiding with fortified positions and heavy armour.


036.M31 – A derelict space station is found in orbit of planet ???? in Segmentum Tempestus, the station is flagged for exploration and technology recovery but due to pressing times the record is placed aside.

776.M35 – The expedition is finally sent to explore the station; the adeptus mechanicus report nothing of consequence technology wise, as everything upon it is standard terran technology, however a genetic sample is found within a room full of statues, along with several damaged records of an ancient order of knights known as "The Holy Order" who appeared to use this station as their base.

M36 – The 21st founding – during the attempts to improve gene seeds the use of the genetic sample discovered on the station was sanctioned, attempting to combine this with the gene seed of the Dark Angels.
55 years later the progination was complete and the recruitment began, at first upon ??? itself, selecting the first members who would all become marines, the chapter now beginning to take shape as their chapter master joined them.

M?? – Battle with Hive fleet Leviathan upon ???, The Holy Order successfully purged the incursion, but this was only one of the scout fleets, and they were yet to come.

There are of course some major gaps here that need filling in, but this is all work in progress, though help and suggestions on some timeline bits would be extremely helpful.

Then there is also my chapter master; some people may scream heresy here, but at least I didn't make him one of the original primarchs, and as far as I can see they never did say what happened to the subjects from the experiment.

Chapter master; Angelus Palatine

Weapons: Power sword, Thunder hammer.

Wargear:Iron Halo, Frag and Krak Grenades.

Angelic Wings: Angelus easily identified by his great, white wings that carry him into battle. During the movement phase, he may be moved as if equipped with a Jump Pack. Due to the size of his wings however, he may not be mounted in a transport vehicle.

As a side project, the high lords of terra sanctioned that attempts be made to create a new primarch in the **** Sapiens Novus project, alongside the new gene seeds during the 21st founding. Of course this was not to be, many of the experiments sharing the same fate as the chapters themselves, while others seemed to easily turn to chaos. Subject 8 was one of these, who came to be known by the name Angelus Palatine, the title inscribed on the plaque at the base of the genetic sample.

Grown from an embryo implanted with some of the cells from the sample, he was one of the lucky subjects that seemed to grow up normal at first, showing no signs of swaying to chaos or mutation, however, this changed when he neared puberty. A pair of feathered wings began to slowly grow from his back, connected to the vertebrae of his spine and fully functional; some saw this as a sign of him being a new Sanguinius, while many others viewed him as a perversion of chaos. The subjects reached 16, and were all implanted with their zygotes, transforming each of the few remaining subjects into space marines, where Angelus himself was then united with his chapter, they too having just undergone the process themselves, though they too began to show signs of mutation.

He had no clue what became of the other surviving subjects, and went about his way, mostly oblivious as to just what it was the lords of terra had tried and failed to create, continuing his duty as master of his chapter, while a wary eye was kept upon him lest he share the fate of the many who turned to chaos. To this day their master lives, both fortunate to survive upon the battlefield, as well as strangely managing to resist the test of time, hardly seeming to age at all.

Some images too to help:
WIP of Chapter master and Vanguard Retinue:
Some Terminators and Dreadnaught:
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