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Smal games

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Does any one elss enjoy smaller games.
Tthey play faster and give you little or no room for error.
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It kind've matters what mood im in. Sometimes I like smaller games because they go quicker. Sometimes I like larger games because I like the fact of controling a large army.

Given a choice I like games at 1250 points. You can field a good variety of stuff and the games don't take too long. But we usually play one or two 500-800 point games and then an 1800 point game (to try out tourney lists).

Smaller lists usually have less variety and get boring with the same army. Solution = keep multiple armies!
I play a lot of games around 1000pts. This allows for a good amount of army variety and the games only last an hour or so.
I personally like 1500+ point games (that way you can get all the shiny stuff). Small games I only play if time is an issue, its part of a tournament or if its all the points my opponents have.
With the limitations on each of my armies I never really noticed much difference in the size variations. Smaller games just mean theres more thought going into the composition of your army because whatever you take is usually all your gonna get. (For some armies this is not so true but is still there in the background of army making.)

I prefer games with 500-750pt armies that pit no fewer than three people as a team against another three-plus team. More fun your decisions and moves can cost other people the game and not just you...8)
Definately! team games are sooo much fun compared to 1 on 1. I find the largest size team matches should be (without getting into mega battles) is 1000 points an army so you could have anywhere between 3000 and (roughly) 6000 points on a table all at once.
Yes team games are a lot of fun. I regularly play 2 vs 2 with one thousand points a per player.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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