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Three questions i have are

1) a death hag with banner, does she still get plus one for 2 hand wepons

2) Does poison attacks that go into effect dismiss killing blow

3) does the cauldron take away frenzy from witches or do they still need to charge if they can?

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A Death Hag BSB have 5 attacks.
3 base
+1 for frenzy
+1 for two handweapons.
A Death Hag is allowed to carry any mundane equipment like any character with the normal and specific restrictions. BSB or not.

Yes. Sience you do not make a roll to wound with the 6's from to-hit roll, those wounds can't score a Killing Blow.
Remember that those wounds are resolved at the base strength of the unit that caused them!
And yes, it sucks.
This can be by-passed by using some of the other Toxin available.

The only way they can lose frenzy is if they are beaten in CC. So no, the cauldron does not remove frenzy.
But sience the cauldron is a warmachine, it is NOT allowed to declare a charge! Frenzied or not! So you get all the benefits from frenzy (ITP and +1 attack) but no drawbacks.
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