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Hi guys,

I just have some general questions about the Necron Army as a whole.

Can gauss or disruption fields be used to breach a bunker?

Do destroyers and heavy destoryers get the +1 T for jetbikes?

Does a SoL count as a power weapon when shooting or just in CC?

Is the Phalanx the only effective deployment of the Necrons?

Wraiths...are they effective in CC? I mean they lack powerweapons and alot of armies are running around with 3+ armor saves which is fairly reliable.

Thanks for the help in sure to check out my 1500 list in the other thread and help a new guy out?

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The SoL is a power weapon in addition to its shooting abilities (which are ap3).

Destroyers and the like do not get the +1 toughness.

Wraiths are fairly good but suffer from small unit size (note that they don't have an armour save- its invulnerable).

I'm not sure about gauss and D field against bunkers but I would say yes.

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Gauss/ D fields can breach bunkers. A 6 to penetrate will open them up.

I have always played that Ds and HDs get the T bonus, but we could go on for hour about that, and there have been many threads in the past about it.

I REPEAT, DO NOT TURN THIS THREAD INTO A DESTROYER T DEBATE! Any mods in that house, please close the thread if somebody does.

SoL is a power weapon in CC. Shooting with power weapons makes no difference- it still has the same Str and AP.

There are any number of useful deployments, depending on your style, your army, your skills, your opponent, etc.

Wraiths are great for smacking in and doing a lot of damage, especially to large groups of cheap guys, or a very small unit of, eg, HQ+Retinue. They don't survive long, though. They are more of an impact thing.

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As Tunisia said the mods are more than welcome to close this if necessary but Its more than obvious that destroyers have 5 toughness as GW ALWAYS includes the added toughness in the statline when considering jetbikes. The only reason destroyers aren't 4(5) is because they aren't insta-killed by strength 8 weapons. If they did have 6 toughness then they would be written as 5(6).

I've read WD battle reports where they openly and obviously state that the destroyers toughness is 5 and I don't see any way to dispute this. As i said, a jetbike/bikes toughness is always included in the statline and destroyers are no exception. Anyone who plays them as 6 is cheating their opponent.

As for the other questions-

The SoL is ap3 at range and a power weapon in close combat.

Bunkers are considered staionary vehicles for penetration purposes so yes, gauss affects them.

Phalanx is best used by new players, but as you play you will find other effective formations.

Wraiths are one of my favorite units. People seem to have this idea in their head that if a unit doesn't ignore save they won't kill anything...but this is so incredibly false. For example lets say we have 3 wraiths attacking marines.

Wraiths attack 12 times(charge), hit with 6, wound with 5.
marines go to saves and fail 2.

Now lets say three termies with power weapons charge(12 attacks), hit with 6, wound with 3 no saves.

So the difference was a whopping one casualty. See wraiths may not have power weapons but they do have 6 strength, which means they wounds on 2's a lot and have a leg up on high toughness models. They also strike at a great I6, which means they'll usually go first. They do suffer from a smaller unit size and only average toughness, but they do have WBB and a good save so in most cases they are worth taking.

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Sabe is completely right regarding the Destroyer's toughness question and even made an excellent point about WD battle reports with necrons.

I played phalanx for awhile because it is an easy tactic that works. Now that Ive been playing for quite a bit though I have a much more mobile army. So I spend much more time zipping around the field then sitting in formation.

I also agree that wraiths are very good as long as you are prepared to sacrifice 2 FA slots to get at least two full squads. Otherwise there is a very real chance that they will just get overwhelmed by basic attacks or massed bolter fire. It also helps to take a D.lord to run around with them to contribute some power weapon help.

I mostly use wraiths to attack soft yet expensive targets. a prime example against marines is sending them in against devastators or other squads with heavy weapons. I also never leave home without them when facing tau as the make excellent battlesuit hunters.
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