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Gauss/ D fields can breach bunkers. A 6 to penetrate will open them up.

I have always played that Ds and HDs get the T bonus, but we could go on for hour about that, and there have been many threads in the past about it.

I REPEAT, DO NOT TURN THIS THREAD INTO A DESTROYER T DEBATE! Any mods in that house, please close the thread if somebody does.

SoL is a power weapon in CC. Shooting with power weapons makes no difference- it still has the same Str and AP.

There are any number of useful deployments, depending on your style, your army, your skills, your opponent, etc.

Wraiths are great for smacking in and doing a lot of damage, especially to large groups of cheap guys, or a very small unit of, eg, HQ+Retinue. They don't survive long, though. They are more of an impact thing.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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