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If you check out my gallery you will see my Sons of Medusa.

Fluff wise they first appeared in the Badab War, in fact they only appeared i nthe Badab war, there is no further fluff about them, there is nothing sting traits or anything like that appart from the hand out that accompanied the recent Dark Stars Badab war campaign which gave some traits and a free squad.

Unofficially, people seem to mistake their name to mean they recruit from the planet Medusa, homeworld of the Iron hands, and so assume that they are an irons hands successor chapter, asside from the glaringly obvious point that a single world can not supply 2 marines chapters, and the fact that the traits used in the Badab war campaign do not match Iron Hands, the briefest examination of the Badab war iconography shows that the chapter badge at the time was the head of Medusa (one of the three Gorgons) as opposed to the current skull and halo motif and so it seems far more credible that the name stems from the mythical creature rather than the planet of their home world.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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