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-Chapter Name: Sons of Vulkan

-Founding Chapter: Salamanders

-Founding: 25th Founding

-Chapter Master:
Milo Trakka



-Main Colors:
Green and Silver


-Battle Cry: "Vulkan spares the lives of none. Neither do we."
-Estimated Strength: Around 100 Marines and 10 Vehicles

Major History of the Sons of Vulkan
750.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter is created, using the Salamanders’ Gene-seed, and creates its fortress-monastery on the Planet of Entinoa.
756.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter creates its first roster, which includes 300 Space Marines spread over 5 Companies.
768.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter creates a new roster, which includes 600 Space Marines and a half-strength armoury, spread over 8 Companies.
775.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter creates another new roster, which includes 10 full-strength companies, with a near-full strength armoury.
779.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter fights in its first battle, which includes the entire 2nd Company, with help from the 1st, 6th, 7th and 10th Companies, against a Necron uprising on the near planet of Rohada. The uprising is crushed, with two Terminators, 12 2nd Company Marines and one Land Speeder Squadron losing their lives.
780.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter fights as a whole for the first time, as the Eldar from Craftworld Xeropia attacks Entinoa, but is easily crushed after the full firepower from all 30 Thunderhawks of the Sons of Vulkan destroy 2/3rds of the Eldar before they reach the fortress-monastery, and only the Assault Marines and Terminators of the chapter are used, and the chapter only lose 3 Assault Marines of the 8th Company to the Eldar.
793.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter fights as a whole for the second time, against the Orks of the Ev’l Teef clan. The Orks destroy a lot of the Sons of Vulkan Armoury, but the Dreadnoughts of the chapter crush the warbosses of the clan, stopping the Waaagh!
803.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter sends three Companies (the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Companies) and 10 Predators to the Novamarines as support as a Necron tomb stirs into life there. Each company suffers heavy casualties, and all but one of Predators sent are destroyed, but there losses are not in vain. In total, 176 Marines, including Captain Hernandus of the 3rd Company, and 9 Predator Destructors are destroyed.
807.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter sends the 6th and 8th Companies to the Storm Lords, who lead an attack on a Chaos faction on the Eldar Craftworld Ioho. All the Chaos and Eldar are destroyed, but all but 35 do not live to tell the tale.
813.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter sends two Companies (2nd and 3rd Companies) and elements of the 1st, 8th, 9th and 10th Companies are sent to the Salamanders to help them defend their fortress-monastery on Nocturne from a Tyranid Hive-Fleet. The Tyranids are all but destroyed, and the Salamanders thank the Sons of Vulkan for the help, which left only 3 of the 400 Space Marines sent dead.
850.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter fight as a whole again against the Orks of the Ev’l Teef Clan again. After many hours of fighting, the Space Marines destroy all of the Orks that are present, which turns out to be only half of the clan. The other half attack with the Space Marines with only 250 Space Marines present. Help from three full companies of Salamanders save the day, but only 176 Space Marines are left to defend Entinoa.
876.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter is back to full strength, and immediately crushes a Tau uprising on the plains of Rohada with the 2nd Company.
893.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter releases a new roster, as their old Chapter Master was lost to renegade sniper fire as he fought alongside battle-brothers on the doomed planet of Doomfall, where a Necron uprising coincided with a Chaos Space Marine attack. The inhabitants are evacuated by Thunderhawks onto the Sons of Vulkan Battle Barges. 258 Marines are killed, which includes the Chapter Master and 3 Captains. Milo Trakka is made Chapter Master.
899.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter come under fire from a Space Hulk of the Chaos Space Marines. Terminators perform a boarding action, and destroy all of the onboard controls, disabling the Hulk and allowing easy shooting.
906.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter is attacked again by the Ev’l Teef Clan, which contains three Stompas. Help is used in the form of three Titans, who each fight the Stompas in a massive duel. Meanwhile, Orks are slaughtered as the Marines defend their home planet on their own. The entire clan is near destroyed, but 50 Boyz, 10 Nobz and 20 Grotz escape to keep the clan alive. 257 Marines are destroyed.
926.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter uses two full Companies to attack the Necron World Engine, but the attempts are useless. The Chapter Master, the Chapter’s Honour Guard, and all 10 of their Captains attend the memorial service.
937.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter comes under threat after a Necron tomb stirs into life 200 leagues from their fortress-monastery. The whole chapter, plus help from the Salamanders’ Chapter, destroy the Necrons, but 809 Marines are killed, 7 Dreadnoughts and ¾ of the chapter’s armoury are destroyed.
953.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter is back to full strength after 16 years of rebuilding.
957.M41 Sons of Vulkan 2nd Company is despatched to attack a Genestealer infestation on the VI Moon of Rohada. The Tyranids are scoured from the planet after Thunderhawk strikes and Whirlwind fire from afar destroy 3000 Genestealers of the 3500 on the moon. The 2nd Company easily destroy the remaining Genestealers, and Captain Sicez of the 2nd Company decapitates the Broodlord.
966.M41 Sons of Vulkan Veteran and Battle Companies return to Rohada, and destroy an infestation of Rebel Grotz. 15,000 Grotz are destroyed by the 500 Marines, and no Marines suffer casualties.
974.M41 Sons of Vulkan Veteran Company destroy a Hormagaunt infestation, and suffer 7 casualties.
981.M41 Sons of Vulkan 7th Company destroys a Tau uprising, using only Land Speeders. Three Land Speeders are destroyed.
989.M41 Waaagh! Snagrod invades the Loki System. The 6th Company is sent to try and halt the attack, but are easily overcome, and the whole company is destroyed.
996.M41 Sons of Vulkan detect the Ev’l Teef clan on Rohada, and the 2nd and 10th Companies are stationed there in four Imperial Bastions, and perform hit and run attacks against the clan.
998.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter sends the 7th, 8th and 9th Companies along with 8 Predators to Armageddon, to help stop Waaagh! Ghazghkull
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