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Just a few things I'm confused about:

1. Your chapter's current strength: Why exactly is it less than a full company? between "953.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter is back to full strength after 16 years of rebuilding." and "998.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter sends the 7th, 8th and 9th Companies along with 8 Predators to Armageddon, to help stop Waaagh! Ghazghkull," you lost a total of one hundred and seven marines. Considering a full-strength chapter is one thousand marines, you should be somewhere around 893 marines.

2. Your casualties between battles differ extremely. for example, "
780.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter fights as a whole for the first time, as the Eldar from Craftworld Xeropia attacks Entinoa, but is easily crushed after the full firepower from all 30 Thunderhawks of the Sons of Vulkan destroy 2/3rds of the Eldar before they reach the fortress-monastery, and only the Assault Marines and Terminators of the chapter are used, and the chapter only lose 3 Assault Marines of the 8th Company to the Eldar." compared to "893.M41 Sons of Vulkan Chapter releases a new roster, as their old Chapter Master was lost to renegade sniper fire as he fought alongside battle-brothers on the doomed planet of Doomfall, where a Necron uprising coincided with a Chaos Space Marine attack. The inhabitants are evacuated by Thunderhawks onto the Sons of Vulkan Battle Barges. 258 Marines are killed, which includes the Chapter Master and 3 Captains. Milo Trakka is made Chapter Master." Unless your chapter's captains have wildly different tactical acumen, I find it difficult to believe that in one battle against an entire craftworld, you only lost three marines, while a different (albeit larger) battle causes casualties equal to 25% of your chapter. I would even these out a bit. (Very few chapters seem to lose a huge portion of their strength at once. It would make more sense that they lost a moderate amount of marines over the course of many battles, and only realized their problem when they were at less than a quarter strength.)

3. Company Distribution:
Why were the 7th, 8th, and 9th companies sent to Armageddon when the majority of your battle companies are just sitting around on your homeworld? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 6th through 10th Companies are usually sent to supplement the forces of the second through fifth companies.

Other than those problems, very in depth fluff, good job.
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