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Vengeful Descent Jump Drop Formation


The Jump Pack equipped troops in a Space Marine force may at times be combined into a unified force, and use Thunderhawk Gunships to perform a mass drop straight into the enemy. This assault will always be spearheaded by the Chapter's 1st Company Vanguard Veterans, who will be first onto the ground and guide in the Battle-Brothers of the other Companies' Assault Squads. The ferocity of the Veteran's lightning attack leaves enemy units in the immediate area reeling, giving the other Assault Squads enough of an opening to charge into the fray before the enemy troops have a chance to retaliate.


1-3 Vanguard Veteran Squads with Jump Packs
2-6 Assault Squads


Coordinated Assault: When the formation arrives, determine the deep strike arrival points of the Vanguard Veteran Squads first. The Assault Squads in the formation must deep strike within 6"of one of the Vanguard Squads, but do not scatter.

As One!: On the turn they arrive, the Assault Squads in the formation may also perform a Heroic Intervention in the same manner as the Vanguard Veterans, provided they are within 6" of a Vanguard Veteran Squad when they declare their charges.

"Once more we descend together on wings of fire, my Brothers. Try to keep up." -Veteran Sergeant Antalos, Ultramarines First Company
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