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Land Speeder Interdiction Force

Though they are normally seen individually or in small squadrons, Land Speeders may be deployed in larger numbers when squadrons from different companies are combined, or when the Seventh Company of a Codex Chapter, which is entirely equipped with Land Speeders, goes to war. Though an individual Land Speeder is lightly armoured and relies on speed for protection, a force of ten or more speeders becomes a very potent force in it's own right, carrying out repeated high speed attack runs against the enemy, spotting targets for each other and raining down fire from their numerous guns en masse.
They also provide a potent asset to their commanders before the battle begins, their greater numbers allowing them to carry out daring missions close to or amongst enemy lines with high chances of success.



1 Land Speeder Squadron of any size, one of which must be designated as the Command Speeder.
3+ 3-strong Land Speeder Squadrons


Strike Force: All vehicles in a Land Speeder Interdiction Force must be deployed within 12" of the Command Speeder, or if coming on from reserve, the formation must enter the table within 12" of the point entered by the Command Speeder.

Tactical Advantage: The Land Speeder Interdiction Force grants a single Strategic Asset depending on their mission, selected from the following list by the owning player after deployment but before the game begins:
  • Terrain Mapping: Recon strategic asset.
  • Target Marking: Precision Strike asset.
  • Search and Destroy: Surgical Raids asset.
Fire for effect!: Instead of firing normally, Land Speeders in the Interdiction Force within 12" of the Command Speeder may fire two weapons when moving at Cruising Speed, using a Ballistic Skill of 3, or Fire one weapon when moving Flat Out, using a Ballistic Skill of 2.

"Priority targets locked and marked. Brothers, fall on then like vengeance and fury given form. Fire at will and let none survive." -Captain Ixion, Ultramarines Seventh Company
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