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Space marine ships

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I am writing some background to my blood angels 2nd company and was needing some info on BFG ships. I like the souund of the gothic class but was wondering how big it is. Is it the type of ship that would carry the company of marine plus their support staff or is it to large or small? Thanks
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Thanks buddy that just what I needed!!
Those descriptions are a bit on the light side.

A Strike Cruiser can fit one full company of a Chapter, and is the most common of the larger vessels a Chapter has availible. Is designed for orbital bombardment and deployment.

A Battle Barge can fit most/all of a Chapter on it at once. Most Chapters have only one, although the larger ones (UM, SW, etc) and the crusading ones (BT) have more. These are rarely used in actual service, as few actions require more than a company or two to be deployed.

Rapid Strike Vessels are the most common in an Astartes fleet, but they seldom carry any marines (due to size). Instead, they usually only have a handful of marines who act in a command role for the ship. Used for system patrols and fleet support.

If a chapter was transporting a company or less, they'd use a Strike Cruiser with 0-3 or so RSV's in an escort role.

The Gothic class (and all other Imperial Navy ships) are not under the jurisdication of the Astartes, one of the changes brought about by the Heresy (the High Lords didn't want one man to have control of a full Legion of Astartes AND a full space fleet, so now Astartes ships like those above are focused on deployment and orbital bombardment instead of ship vs ship combat).
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Although it is a fairly moot point Battle Barges do range in size fluffwise.

The Space Wolves are an exception to the Strike Cruiser/Battle Barge only useage. The use anything they capture in boarding (not zenos) so have re-captured Imperial ships. Playin Wolves would give you a valid reason to use a Gothic Class if you wanted.
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