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Caution: The update to the space marine codex will make this tactica obsolete. I will not be updating it.

Tactica: Head Quarters

Refurbished by ForgedintheFurnaceofWar.

Originally compiled by Ezekiel1990

The basics-

Which HQs can i field?

Space marines have three HQs to choose from, Commanders, Chaplains, and Librarians.
Codex's Black Templars, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and some Trait marines, have different HQ options. This tactical will stick with Codex Space Marine HQs. However most of the same principles will still apply to other codex HQs.

How many HQs can i field?

Space marines may field up to, two HQs. For each HQ they may select one type of command squad. Characters not in terminator armor, may only select command squads, Characters in terminator armor, may only select terminator command squads. The command squad and character form a single HQ choice, and the character may not leave the unit. If a command squad, or terminator command squad is selected, additional characters may be attached to this unit. You may attach one chaplain and one librarian per command squad. However, you may not have two of any one type of HQ in a squad. For example, a command squad may not have two librarians in it, but it could have one commander, one chaplain, and one librarian. In this way a player might have up to six HQ choices, taking up two HQ slots. However, this is not recommenced in most combat situations, one HQ is usually enough for most games.

General HQ theory

Its generally considered a good idea to have only one HQ up to about 1850 points. This is because HQs are only 1 model, and takes up a lot of points. The more one puts into HQ the less can be put elsewhere.

Above 2000 another HQ is often considered a reasonable choice, but this depends on the rest of the army.

The full power of space marines HQs are felt in assault. This is because the armory does not allow marines a very useful assortment on ranged weaponry. They also have higher weapon skill, initiative, and attacks then normal space marines. Further reason to use them in assault.

Try to keep HQs as few points as possible, while still being effective at whatever mission one assigns them.

Note: An HQ joining a unit receives no upgrades from the squad it joins. Thus a bike squad with furious charge cannot pass along its furious charge to the HQ. However, some HQs can pass along abilities to the squads they join. Characters may pass on abilities to other characters. For example, a chaplain joins a bike squad with furious charge, the chaplain will not get furious charge. However, the bike squad gets the chaplains abilities. And any character in the bike squad, would also get the chaplains abilities.

Types of HQs-


Chaplains are probably the easiest characters to use for beginners, so we will start with them. Chaplains come in two verities Reclusiarchs and Masters of Sanctity, the only real difference between these two, is the number of wounds. Masters of Sanctity are a little tougher.

Chaplains are perfectly suited for an assault role. The ability litanies of hate will increase the number of hits scored by about 25 to 33 percent. This makes chaplains hands down the best assault character available, since he greatly enhances the squad around him.

Chaplains should be fielded along side a unit designed for close combat. Preferably a fast unit. This creates an ideal spear head unit, capable of taking on most dedicated enemy assault units. Or in a shooty army, they can counter charge the enemy, and keep them out of friendly shooty squads.

Chaplain Wargear-

Chaplains come with a Crozius Arcanum (power weapon) and a Rosarius (4+ invulnerable save). All chaplains should be further upgraded with terminator honors, a bolt pistol, and frag grenades. At this point one has the basics of a chaplain. A very effective assaulter, complete with ample protection. The rest depends on what type of squad the chaplain wants to lead. All of this depends on how one wants the army to fight. With respect to wargear, these options include a jump pack, bike, or no means of personal transport. The easiest to use, and most point effective upgrade is the jump pack, combined with an assault squad.

Some players upgrade their chaplains with lightening claws. This should typically be avoided, as one has already paid for a power weapon in purchasing the character.

Chaplain Tactics-

Chaplain With Jump Pack, Leading Assault Squad

By now chaplains have earned a reputation, which is quite rightly feared by most opponents. For this reasons start your chaplain and the squad he will lead out of line of sight. If terrain is limited, land speeders, Whirlwinds, and dreadnoughts take priority.

Assault Squads will see close combat, and thus need a lot of bodies, this is further enhanced by getting re-rolls, which makes each marine in the squad a dangerous threat to the enemy. This squad should be 8 or 10 marines strong. Preferably with two plasma pistols. A veteran sergeant, holding a powerfist, and bolt pistol. Further upgrades might include furious charge, but thats not required. Leave the melta bombs, and krak grenades at home.

This squad can be used in several ways. It can spear head attacks, or act as a powerful counter charge unit. This squad is valuable, so when spear heading attacks leap frog them from terrain feature to terrain feature, until your in assault range. Remember to support this squad with other fast units, such as bikes, assault squads, drop pods, land speeders, or infiltrators.

This squad is also a very nice counter charge unit, as the enemy advances, this squad squad will create an arch of protection for shooty units. Their assault range is 18 inches. So long as the enemy units cant assault further then that, this squad will have a turn to intercept any units getting to close to friendly gun lines. Their mobility will allow them to move to the heaviest fighting and turn the tide. If the enemy can assault over 18 inches its a problem. Because assaulting with this squad is important, it may be best to let the enemy assault a shooty unit, and then charge with the chaplains squad on the next turn.

The most important tactical move to make with a chaplain is to charge. This is so critically important to the success of the squad that one should forgo firing weapons at an enemy squad if one feels the enemy squad could be taken out of assault range if shot at. You want this squad charging infantry, not tanks. Infantry is more difficult to destroy at range then tanks, and weather you kill the tank or not, the squad will be a sitting duck the turn after.

For ease of use and point effectiveness this squad is your best bet. If you are new to space marines, this is the HQ for you. If you are a veteran of space marines, your probably already using this squad. Weather your list is shooty, balanced, or assaulty, this squad will enhanced your ability to do all three.

Chaplain With Bike, Leading Bike Squad

This Squad is even more important to place out of line of sight, as it will have less bodies to start with. This bike squad wants as many bikes as you can get, 5 bikes, 2 melta guns, 1 sergeant with powerfist, plus 1 attack bike with heavy bolter. These bikes will greatly be enhanced with skilled riders. Some players might also find furious charge useful.

This squad has a very similar role as the assault squad version. It needs a lot of same support units. Its mission is less about pure assault however. While this unit can spear head an assault, it can also be an excellent flanking unit. Plus it can also tank hunt if need be.

Bikes can flank by turbo boosting. Turbo boosting works best when the bikes are terrain hopped across the field. This allows a player to start them out of line of sight, and still advance up the field with turbo boost, remember a player is not allowed to turbo boost through terrain. Done properly a player should be able to assault turn two. The incredible speed of the bikes allows them to get to places where assault squads wouldn't normally be able to get to. The greatest weapon with a bike is speed.

Bikes are by far the most difficult squad to use with a chaplain. But in the right hands can be extremely effective. The use of bikes is difficult to master. Complete tactics for them can be found in the dedicated bike tactica. Bikes are effective in both a counter charge, and spear head roles.

Other Uses For Chaplains

Chaplains aren't effective leaders of command squads because they move too slowly to ensure charging. Avoid running a chaplain in a rhino. Find other means of deployment, such as infiltrate or drop pods.

These however require command squads. Which makes them a difficult choice. Command squads will be discusses later. The one saving grace to a command squad is its more powerful when assaulting then the assault squad or bike squad. But a good opponent will never allow one to assault with it.

Chaplains are not effective in terminator armor either. First it prevents sweeping advances, terminators are very expensive and wont often pull off charges. Their low numbers and high profile means they will be targeted quiet a bit. Your chaplain also comes with a better invunerable save then terminator armor offers, which wastes points. Thus don't use terminator armor on this HQ.


Commanders come in two verities, Captains and Masters. The Master is a tougher and has better leadership. Rites of Battle passes their leadership on to all other squads in the game. This can be quite useful for passing target priority checks, and moral tests. However, assault oriented armies should have lots of veteran sergeants, raising overall leadership, making Captains and Masters less effective when leading this type of army.

There are a few drawbacks to using these characters, first their powers wont work while in reserve, or in transport. Second, "And they shall know no fear..." makes passing moral checks less important for space marines, combined with their already decent leadership.

Shooty lists will find the most benefits, especially if the army has no veterans sergeants at all. Whatever squad one devotes to counter charge, this character should probably be apart of it, as a great deal of his points goes towards his close combat abilities.

Commander Wargear-

Commanders have several useful wargear options for them. Commanders start with no wargear. What upgrades they should get depends greatly on the list. Commanders generally become counter charge units.

If the army includes terminators then he is well suited to lead them. Terminator armor, a power sword, and storm bolter are all he needs to contribute to the success of the army with this squad. Note that commanders aren't the best leaders of terminators, however in theory he should make up for this, by increasing the leadership of every other squads in the army.

If the army does not include terminators, then things get a bit trickier. The safest bet is to get a character that can offer you some counter charge, while still being lean on points. Terminator honors, bolt pistol, frags, combat shield, and power sword ensure that this model wont be to many points, and can hold his own in close combat.

These are quite similar really, both have a power sword, and 5+ invulnerable. If you find yourself decking out a commander with things like Iron halos, then what you probably want is a chaplain, or possibly librarian. Commanders are team players, not very useful on their own, but make the entire army better.

Some extremely shooty lists will give their commanders even less wargear, such as a bolt pistol and power sword. This is only for lists with seriously devoted to fire power.

Commander Tactics-

Commanders are counter assault HQs. They simply aren't powerful enough to spear head close combat attacks. Individually commanders are the weakest HQs. But when combined with a force devoted to long range firepower, he is reasonable effective. Lots of devastator squads are recommended when fielding an HQ like this.

Commanders are the most effective leaders of command squads. Keeping this unit mobile, with a bit of shooting edge is generally a good idea. This unit should be a clean up unit, it will kill off stragglers, or fast units assaulting your lines.

Terminators are a step up, they add great firepower, and better counter assault then most command squads. However, they cost a lot more points, which means you'll have less of other units to fire at the enemy with. This unit has the same role, stop incoming assault units.

Commanders with extremely limited wargear are better off moving to where the fighting in thickest, and joining a nearby squad. Then aiding in the close combats that follow - which should be extremely small since a player using this strategy really needs quite a shooty list indeed. If you are a new player, avoid this option.

Other Uses For Commanders-

Commanders make poor use of jump packs, because they lack the required close combat power to be a good leader in this role. Commanders make good choices as cheap secondary HQs, in high point costs games. The biggest advantage of a commander is the low point cost.


Like all other HQs, librarians come in two verities, Codicier and Epistolary. Librarians are physics and have 6 powers to choose from. These models tend to be the most powerful individual models. But they are also significantly more expensive then most HQs.

Librarians can attempt to stop enemy psychics using their psychic hoods. This power can be very useful, especially against eldar. Beyond this, they don't bestow any other powers on your marines, except through psychic powers. More on this later.

Librarians are the easiest HQs to go wild with. Force weapons are vastly more powerful on paper then in game play. Consider the force weapon a power weapon like any other. The force weapon counts as a psychic power, space marine HQs can only use 1 power per game turn, so you cant combine psychic powers that enhance CC abilities with the force sword, of course the force sword always works as a normal power weapon regardless of psychic powers used. Librarians are not demon princes, even though they will cost almost as many points, they simply do not have the profile that is available to chaos HQs. Do not attempt to design a librarian capable of slaying a demon prince, a librarian would be lucky to survive one turn in base contact with a demon prince, let alone kill him.

Nevertheless, librarians have some very interesting options. Librarians are also some of the most difficult HQs to use, as they tend to be less forgiving then the others.

Librarian Wargear-

Librarians have many options for wargear. Librarians start with a force sword and psychic hood. As with all other HQs, his wargear depends on the rest of the army. Librarians are the only HQs that can be shooty. This is achieved through psychic powers, not wargear upgrades.

There are three psychic powers which can be summed up as unsuitable for standard play. Storm of the emperors wrath is a nice power, however its range is far to short, and its effectiveness against the enemy will be limited; from 12 inches away he would be better off with an assault power. Secondly might of heros, this power can add some attacks to your librarian, or another model near by, however veil of time will always out preform this power. Secondly if one wants to enhance the rest of the squad round him, that character is the chaplain. Finally vortex of doom is a bit silly, and over priced, it has its uses against necrons but thats about it. Vortex of doom is defiantly not going to do much against most opponents.

This simplifies the selection process nicely, two shooty powers, one assault power. Epistolary selecting veil of time should only select veil of time. This is because the upgrade for a second power is simply to many points. Plus veil of time works against all types of armies.
An Epistolary might consider fielding both shooty powers, because they work better against different opponents. However, it's important keep the point cost low on the librarian, so many times a Codicier is best.

Fear Of The Darkness : the most powerful power, when it effects the opponent. Fear of the Darkness is worthless against several opponents. Codiciers should select a storm bolter to augment their fire power. Epistolaries should select fury of the ancients. This way, if the fear of the darkness is unlikely to work, the librarian is still able to effect the game in the shooting phase.

Fury Of The Ancients: another great shooty power. Able to target board edges instead of squads it hits anything in its path. Its especially nice against units that can be pinned.

Veil Of Time: simply the best assault upgrade you can give a librarian, and will allow the librarian to re-rolls of everything but the psychic test.

Preferred wargear sets and squad.

Terminator armor, Fury of the Ancients.
Terminator command squad.

Terminator armor, fear of the darkness.
Optional upgrades: storm bolter, or upgrade to Epistolary and select fury of the ancients as the second power.
Terminator command squad, in drop pod.

Space marine bike, terminator honors, bolt pistol, frags, combat shield, veil of time.
With bike squad.

Librarian tactics-

Terminator Armor, Fury of the Ancients, Terminator Command Squad

This squads primary goal is medium ranged shooting support. They are best fielded in shooting armies. If you have a mass infiltrating list, consider getting a telehomer as a means to deliver this squad. For normal armies, don't deep strike this squad, as you will lose a turn of shooting, and wont easily be able to support them. They also make an effective counter charge unit. Use them to intercept anything thats getting two close to shooty squads.

Fury of the Ancients is an excellent power. The ability to target board edges instead of units is incredibly powerful, the power hits all squads in between the librarian and a point on the board edge. The power works best against opponents with weak armor saves, and low leadership, the power causes pinning. Its roughly about as effective as a heavy bolter, per squad hit. However, targeting board edges puts enemy units which would normally be safe in considerable danger.

Try to target units that the rest of the army simply wouldn't be able to target otherwise. Always be on the lookout for units that could be exploited by this power. Remember, armor is not immune to this power. In fact its quite effective against AV10, open topped vehicles. Hint: Vypers, war trucks, raiders, side armor of basilisks. If one can get at least one other unit, and a weak tank under the line, its typically worth taking the shot. One might also consider tank hunters, as assault cannons become downright nasty against most tanks with the upgrade in strength, and fury of the ancients can then target even more powerful tanks. This power is particularly effective against harlequins, remember target the board edge not the unit. This is the easiest librarian to use, and is recommended for beginners. Its also very fun for veteran players, who will likely think of the craziest places to target with this power.

Terminator Armor, Fear Of The Darkness, Terminator Command Squad, In Drop Pod

This squad needs a lot of support units. The very best support is three tactical squads in drop pods to accompany it, full details on how to drop pod are available in the drop pod tactica. Fear of the darkness is the most powerful power a librarian can take, but only when it works.

Fear of the darkness wont work on units who are immune to moral. In effect this includes the following: Units with synapse, any chaos mark, mob checks, or who are otherwise fearless or who can re-roll failed moral checks. Essentially, fear of the darkness is useless against Orks, nids, and chaos, except against word bearers.

The power has a marginal effect on necrons and space marines. Landing in an ideal position on turn two will results in some positive effects. The ideal position would be the maximum number of squads effected by the power. Marines, especially those without a captain or master, can fall back from this power. The problem is marines automatically regroup. Keeping a model within six inches of a falling back unit will force even space marines to continue falling back. This might result in a few squads pushed off the board. The tactics are the same for necrons, land in a position to force multiple squads to take fall back tests, then keep units close to those units forced to fall back to push them off the board.

Fear of the darkness works wonders against Imperial Guard, Static Tau, and Eldar. The power can win games when used correctly. However, it requires complex tactics that are not recommend for beginners. These armies have overall poor leadership, augmented by centralized leadership.

The primary example and the opponent most devastated by the power is Imperial Guard. Their command section allows re-rolls of moral tests, and a leadership bonus. Taking the commander out, will leave the army exceptionally vulnerable to moral based attacks. This leaves the army with 7 to 8 leadership, which means each squad will be more likely to fall back then to hold their ground after being hit with fear of the darkness. This makes taking out the commander essential. A squad of terminators is nearly enough fire power to kill an entire Imperial guard command section. However, its worth it to back the terminators up with another unit or two, just in case they roll poorly. Land speeders or drop podding tactical squads work wonders for this role. Once the command section is completely destroyed, use the power.

Eldar Avatars create a fearless aura which extends twelve inches around it. If the eldar army includes an Avatar, it will almost surely need to die for the power to be successful. If successful, one will have killed an avatar, and sent half the eldar army falling back. This should essentially ensure victory. If one fails to kill the avatar, then one will almost certainly lose. Remember, melta weapons don't hurt them. Be prepared to invested the entire armies firepower into killing it. This will require a quick estimation of ones luck, and firepower. If the eldar do not have an avatar, then almost half their army will fall backwards, which typically results in a loss for the eldar player.

Tau Etherneals allow a re-roll of moral checks. He must be destroyed. A land speeder tornado can often make a suicide move to kill him, if alone. Or if accompanied by fire warriors, then the firepower of the terminator squad, plus land speeder should be enough to remove the entire unit. This will force all tau to take a moral test, when combined with fear of the darkness, more then half the army should fall back, leading to a much easier victory then normal.

Space Marine Bike, Veil Of Time, With Bike Squad

See the chaplain section on general uses for bikes, and deployment strategies, as well as the bike tactica. Where the librarian differs from the chaplain is where and how to assault. A chaplain stays with the bike squad, and will often take on the most difficult of opponents in the enemies army, this is not advised for librarians. Instead use the speed of this squad to assault weaker positions, and exploit the power of veil of time in close combat. In this roll, a librarian is more then powerful enough to break off from the bike squad, and assault a unit on his own. Perhaps while the bikes go take on a slightly tougher unit. Avoid assaulting dedicated assault units without first softening them up with significants firepower or lots of friendly supporting assault units.

Other Uses For Librarians

If one really does not like terminators; a command squad could be used in their stead, however this tends to be less effective, because command squads are less mobile, and have less firepower.

Command squads-

Command Squads are best used in mass infiltrating lists, but they can also be effective in other armies. They are easy to over-dose with wargear, try to keep them as light as possible.

Command Squad Wargear-

A command squads wargear starts at what the squad will likely be doing, and what character is leading the unit. However, there are defiantly some things which are not needed in a command squad. First and foremost: terminator honors on every model, this upgrade is simply excessively expensive. Krak grenades are also never a good idea, as one should shoot vehicles, instead of relying on the stupidity of the opponent, and thus allowing a squad to assault a vehicle. Finally, standard Bearers offer almost no positive effectives, and take quite a few points in doing so. Apothecaries typically won't earn their points back, but some shooty command squads may find a use for them.

Standard Command Squads look to assault, they pick either infiltrate, or furious charge, depending on what the rest of the army is doing. A veteran sergeant with powerfist is a must. Often they will include a melta gun, and possibly a company champion, especially when furious charge is selected. These squads never use apothecaries, because they intend to assault, and assault will reduce the effectiveness of the apothecary. Some lists might find a second melta gun useful. This unit should be 8 or 10 models.

Shooty Command Squads are built differently. Command squads should always stay mobile, so avoid using heavy weapons. Two plasma guns are a popular choice, this allows reasonable firepower, and encourages mobility. This unit includes an HQ, and therefore will need to intercept incoming assaults, consider adding a powerfisted veteran sergeant. This unit should be 6 or 8 models strong. One might also consider infiltrators, or tank hunters (librarians only), but make sure this upgrade is truly supported, and necessary.

Terminator Command squad-

Best used when lead by a librarian, in an overall shooty list. Remember that terminators are a shooty unit, not an assault unit. Although they are useful counter charge, they simply cannot lead assaults.

Terminator Command squad wargear-
When in drop pod, the unit should be 4 terminators, 2 with assault cannons. When foot slugging the unit should take a 5th terminator, and the sergeant should select an auspex form the armory. Tank Hunters might be useful for a foot slugging terminator squad, lead by a librarian with fury of the ancients.


Single Handed weapons

Bolt Pistol:
Give this to everyone not in terminator armor, exceptionally useful item.
Chainfist: Not effective on HQs (see powerfists), unnecessary on terminators.
Close combat weapon: Use a bolt pistol instead.
Single handed lightning claw: Can't be combined to create an extra attack, negating its positive effects.
Pair of Lightning claws: This upgrade is very expensive. Better in higher point games, for players who want a "solve any problem" HQ.
Plasma pistol: Excessively expensive for HQs, too risky for non-HQs.
Powerfist: Not recommended for HQs, as they fight separately from any squad they are attached to or lead, allowing them to be killed more easily, it also waists the their high initiative. Exceptionally effective choice for non-HQs, solves almost any close combat situation marines might be faced with.
Power weapon: Reasonably priced for HQs. All HQs should have a weapon that ignores armor saves.
Storm shield: Cheap but not suggested, as you cannot receive an extra attack for 2 Single-handed weapons when you use this.
Thunder hammer: Not effective for HQs (see powerfist), excessively expensive for non-HQs.

Two-handed weapons

Bolter: Cant fire and assault, not useful.
Combi-melta: Very expensive, not useful, does not provide an extra attack in close combat.
Combi-plasma: Consider this option for terminator sergeants, especially when drop podding.
Combi-Flamer: Not very useful, as it does not provide an extra attack.
Storm Bolter: Good for HQs in terminator armor, useless for non-HQs.


Artificer armor: Excessively expensive, avoid using this, terminator armor is better.
Auspex: Useful against infiltrators, all bike and terminator sergeants should have them.
Bionics: Good points filler, 1 in 6 chance of saving your HQs life, not really recommended.
Combat shield: Very effective invunerable save, a must on librarians, useless on non-HQs.
Familiar: Reasonably effective upgrade for non-terminator librarians, but by no means required.
Frag grenades: A must for all HQs not in terminator armor, non-HQs typically hold powerfists, and therefore don't need them.
Jump pack: This is for HQs only, exceptionally effective way to deliver a chaplain into assault.
Krak grenades: Say no to Krak, kids!
Master-crafted weapon: Heavy assaulter's can already re-roll attacks, too expensive.
Melta Bombs: Useless, powerfists get more attacks, HQs shouldn't assault vehicles.
Purity seals: Pointless, especially since Space Marines almost never fall back, and automatically regroup.
Space Marine bike: This is for HQs only, can be tricky, but its also effective. The additional toughness is also nice.
Teleport homer: Useful means of delivering deep striking terminators, in combination with infiltrators, or fast units, otherwise useless.
Terminator armor: Gives a good armor save, an extra attack, the ability to deep-strike and an invulnerable save, all for five more points than Artificer armor. Give this to guys who you want to lead Terminator squads. Note that you may not perform a sweeping advance if you have Terminator armor.
Terminator honors: Give this to almost every HQ. You need as many attacks as you can get. Think of paying a marines worth of points for an attack that does more than the marine could do.

Artifacts and Relics
(the following are 1 per force organization chart, in total.)

Chapter Banner: Requires a standard bearer, best standard if you must have one, otherwise don't use it.
Holy Relic: Standard Bearers again make this item useless, and two expensive.
Iron halo: Sometimes effective on assaulty librarians, otherwise not worth the points.
Sacred Standard: Utterly worthless upgrade, avoid at all costs.
Adamantine mantle: Very expensive, although its also quite useful. Typically not taking a wound is better then avoiding instant death, thus use the Iron Halo instead.

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Posting in a thread that is effectively dead. Like in this case, the most recent post before the necro-post was from april of 2007.

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Please don't necro post, this is against LO rules. Thanks.
Actually Pickle, if you caught the announcement made a few months ago, necro posting is no longer disallowed. The condition is that you have to really add something to a discussion for it to be alright; for example, voting in a poll to bump an old post isn't acceptable, but participating in an older discussion with a new light on things is perfectly fine.

Just to add some stuff to the discussion -

This is definitely another good post by Forged (not sure if he's hanging around these parts anymore?), but it will be mostly obsolete here in the next month or so, whenever the new Space Marine codex comes out. It's also got a 4th edition view on it, so some things may have changed from 4th to 5th. Make sure, when reading this article, that you definitely keep the newer rules in mind and adapt as needed.


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Yes, I've been ghosting around these parts the last few days. This thread used to be closed, somehow its been opened.

And yes, as you can see by that disclaimer above, I don't recommend reading or using the suggested builds in this thread. I took the post down myself once, but I received complaints.

He's got a good point though. However, I was hoping this thread would not have other posts. Perhaps it would be a good idea for someone to update this thread.

However, I do have an open discussion going, about space marine first impressions. In which HQs will likely be discussed. But impressions and game play results are often different.


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Hey Pickle, from the looks of questions cropping up in the forums at the moment, there are a lot of people (myself included) that would benefit from a whole range of tactia for marines. StaysCrunchy has done a great one on troop choices in 5th, but even that may change with the new codex.

It really would be nice to have a whole serise of Marine Tactia in 5th, all either pinned or in the marine index post by Lost Nemesis.



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It's going to take awhile to figure out how to properly use Librarians, if it can even be done. The Librarian used to be an excellent complement to long range, but clearly the master of the forge is a better leader for shooting armies now. Librarians are probably best used as leaders for normal terminator squads.

The chaplain looks very weak, he's probably only useful for leading assault terminator in large point cost games.

Masters and Captains, are pretty simple, avoid all the useless upgrades and focus on 5 choices: Power Sword and or Digital weapons or relic blade, walk, fly, or bike. Sigh and MAYBE terminator armor. Shame you can't give him two lightening claws, without taking terminator armor.

It would be nice to talk about special character, but that should probably be a separate tactica because it would be long and complex.

Finally one should dissuade players from using honour guards, a lot of players will probably fall right into that point sink. Terminators are only 5 points more, come with better weapons and have an invulnerable save.
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