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This take is much more in feel I think, extremely mobile, going with blood angels this time as even tho I have to forgo a relic (and the lt with teeth of terra is bonkers good) the red thirst is both amazing and fluffy.


hq;- tyberos the red wake

hq;- lieutenant, jump pack, master-crafted boltgun, chainsword

elite;- relic sicaran venator, neutron laser cannon, storm boltor, 3 heavy boltors

elite;- 10 vanguard veterans with twin chainswords

elite;- 10 vanguard veterans, jump packs, twin chainswords

troop;- 5 tacticals, combi-plasma, plasma gun x2

troop;- 5 intercessors, 1 auxiliary grenade launcher x2

flyer;- xiphon interceptor, 2 twin lascannons, xiphon missle launcher

flyer;- stormraven, twin assault cannon, twin heavy boltor, 2 storm strike missle launchers, 2 hurrican boltors

transport;- razorback, storm boltor, twin heavy flamer x2

2k points on the nose, 6 cp, warlord will be tyberos and until I can get a ruling on whether artisan of war can effect one of his weapons since they are not relics of baal but they are considered relics i'll be using the feel no pain one

I just bought the chapter approved 2017 so this list needs a bit of a touchup, the venator got 75 points cheaper, tho the xiphon went up by 30 and the 2 index razorbacks by 5 a peice so a surpluss of 35 points to distribute somewhere
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