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Space Victorians!

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I'm new here, so if I've posted this in the wrong place, apologies.

Anyhow, I've converted up a chapter of steampunk-style space marines, and would like to put a few pictures up to see what people think. Is this the right place to do it?
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Indeed it is
Maybe use Iron Armour.. it already looks a bit steampunk to me.

There used to be a model representing it, but I'm having difficulty finding the part code.

This article has some good conversions though.. The space wolf on page 3 has converted iron armour, I believe.

This might give you some ideas for retro looking dreadnoughts.
What exactly is 'Steam Punk"?
Sort of like an alternate future where people dress and behave like 19th century Europeans but steam power has been used to build spaceships, computers, and other things equal to our technology.

The first appearance of steampunk I'm aware of is the novel "The Difference Engine" by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, about an alternate past where the computer is invented in the 19th century.

The anime films "Wings of Honneamise" and "Steamboy" are steampunk, as are some Final Fantasy games. The Japanese tend to like the look of it, and why not, it looks cool!
SlickWilley said:
What exactly is 'Steam Punk"?

Hmm. I'll throw a few down as well.

I tend to use a somewhat broader definition of steampunk since I include anything where Victorians and 'high' technology combine without necessarily anachronistic speech.

There is a number of other Steampunk style works that I can think of off hand:

The old Space 1899 GDW roleplaying game where you have victorians in space.

Deadlands An awesome little game when it first came out. I love those playing card battles.

Some of Jules Verne's books like 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas(1864), From the Earth to the Moon(1865)

Some of HG Wells works like The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine

Lots of Michael Moor****s work, like, The Warlord of the Air, A nomad of the Time Streams, and the Land Leviathan.

Comic Books like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (About 50 times better than the craptacular movie version.)

Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age, and recently his Baroque Cycle.

Good luck with the posting.

EDIT: Here's the wiki version:
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That is truly mental! The conversions look good and seamless, they look just like you would expect a steam powered dreadnaught to!

The colour scheme is good, I feel it really fits the bill.

I love that chimera/landship!

If you get lazy after a while and dont want to convert any more you can always check out the "cygnar" models from the confrotation game. great steampunk stuff there, which you can either just use as is to convert more space marines.

Though it would mean you couldnt use the army in GW tournaments
Nice idea. Steampunk is indeed a very intriguing twist on the Empire.

@Grey, Space 1899 -I'm so glad someone else know about this little diamond. Never before or after have space been so fun.

Back on topic
On the conversions, some of them look great, I love the steam-terminators. One thing you could improve though are the Praetorian heads. I think they should have their necks cut off. Just a bit anyway. (not as evil as it may sound I assure you)
They should have no necks visable, now they seem a bit unnatural to me.
But once again: I love the theme and the general apperance of this army.
I disagree, the longer necks provide a sort of comic look that resembles most Steam-punk published material. I think it's a matter of taste, there.

That's an incredibly well done landship.
Great work! Love those termies and that Dreadnought :yes: .
I agree with Andusciassus, the heads look kind of strange.
I like the color scheme and the concept (big fan of Privateer Press' Warmachine). What is the chapter's name? What traits or codex are you going to use? It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures if there is a chapter symbol and if so what it is.
Thanks everyone for very helpful comments. I know what you mean about the necks: they're not actually Praetorians but Mordheim heads that have been filed into a pithhelmet shape (the head in question looks like an angry man with a saucepan on his head). I see what you mean, though, but I quite like the comedy look. I'll think about it...

The landship (supposed to be equivalent of a land raider, and given the H.G. Wells name for a tank) started off as a Leman Russ and got mixed up with a WW2 tank. Its turret ended up on a predator, here:

I'm planning on mounting some alien heads on shields on the front plate, as trophies. Also in the pipeline is a command squad, some jump-pack men, and a rhino.

The chapter is Space Marine, and called the Sons of Empire (until I come up with something better) and would have the "honour your wargear" and "trust your battle brothers" traits, reflecting the love of big primitive guns and the sheer toughness of the Victorians. They'd have "eye to eye" and "die standing" as drawbacks, making them a bit slow, but determined. As for chapter symbols, I'm not sure.
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Great work with the predator.
I like your choise of traits & drawbacks and I think your name is good. :yes:
Hello again - thanks for the comments. Here are some more marines, with standard, medic and techmarine. I really don't know what to use as a chapter symbol: I thought about a stylised lion-and-unicorn design, but I couldn't paint it well enough. I really need a very simple symbol, like a skull or cross (both a bit medieval for my tastes). Shame the fleur-de-lys has already been taken by the Sisters!

I really ought to do some banners.
I like that Fabius Bile in the middle, a mini that is great for conversions!
I like the name you're using as well. It has a nice feel for this army. If you like the the lion & unicorn image and don't want to paint something this complex, try Griffon Games (click on the Decals link). I've purchased decals from them before but haven't gone the custom decals route (yet). The quality is good and not outrageously expensive. Prior to B&C's possible demise there were numerous people over there who had purchased custom decals from Griffon and raved about them.
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