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Space Wolf Super List 1500pts

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Space Wolfs 1500pts
1 Rune Priest - , Frost Axe, Close Combat Weapon ,
Rune Armour , Belt Of Russ
Wolf Pelt , Wolf Tooth Necklace
1 Venerable Dreadnought - , Assault Cannon
Extra Armour

1 Wolf Guard - Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Talisman
5 Wolf Scouts - 2 Pwr Weapons, Melta Gun
1 Wolf Guard - Power Fist, Bolt pistol, Talisman

Fast Attack
2 Attack Bikes - Multi melta


8 Blood Claws - Power Weapons
1 Rhino - Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour

9 Grey Hunters - 2 pwr Fists , Melta Gun
1 Rhino - Smoke Launchers, Extra Armour

Heavy Support
1 Predator Annihilator - Side Sponsen Lascannons
1 Leman Russ Exterminator 3 Hvy Bolters
1 Whirlwind
Total 1500
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:O Dude take away the points costs before the mods kick your ass!. you can post total costs but dont put the costs of every single unit and upgrade. Everyone gets a friendly warning about this, its just better that u hear it from me than a mod. click on the little pencil symbol on the bottom right corner of your post to 'edit' it.

once youve done that we'll help u with the list:)
Sweet Thanks

Okay sorry didn't read the rules, was just copy pasting from exel
No worries

ok well your list isnt bad. only afew things. change the Predators side sponsons to Heavy bolters. they count as defensive weapons (the lascannons dont) so if you move the tank 6" you can fire the main turret AND the Heavy bolters. where as the lascannon sponosns cant shoot if u move the tank.
Secondly that type of dread probably doesnt need to be venerable. in my opinion venerable is a waste of points on cheap dreads. only worth on ones youve spent alot of points on, like Lascannons and missile launchers with drop pod, extra armour blah blah blah. You can keep it if you really want though.
Use the points extra points to boost the blood claws upto 10 man. and if you lose the venerable upgrade, use those points on whatever u like (i dont know alot about space wolves)

Good luck
Err, he needs his Ven Dred as a mandatory HQ choice. I face the same situation with my Space Wolves "saving" points I got myself a Ven Drednought also as my HQ. HQs are mega-point sinks, and well, having a dred as an HQ kinda helps makes things more efficient. Also, there's a reason why there's only eight Blood leaves room for the Rune Priest and Wolf Guard leader to join the pack.

A few comments...

Why Power Weapons as opposed to Power Fists for the Blood Claw Pups? Maxing Fists helps especially in larger packs.

One lesson I learned from much grayer and wiser wolves was to drop the Belt of Russ and instead, get a Storm Shield and Chooser of the Slain. You save some points that way. More so, your Rune Priest will most likely need invulnerable saves in close combat and not in other situations (although if I remember correctly, the Belt of Russ saved my Rune Priest from a Multimelta shot once...phew!). Thus, a Storm Shield provides the same invulnerable save but for MUCH less points AND if you take Chooser of the Slain, you get back your +1 attack that you would have normally with a CCW in the second hand. Chooser of the Slain also can be a headache for your Infiltrating friends! With the points saved, you can get Runic Charm for your Rune Priest...just in case!

Hmm, why no Smoke for your Ven Dred? If you can shave off some points somewhere, I'd recommend it...the AC is awesome, but the range is so limited that I'm afraid it may get chewed up early in the game.

I'm assuming the Wolf Guards go towards your GH and BC packs. On that note, your Scouts are relatively cheap yet versatile (good against infantry and one shot against vehicles). I would almost recommend melta bombs just in case your opponent fields two or more vehicles way behind the lines. Why? Instead of shooting with the can assault two or more vehicles with melta bombs. Especially if the vehicles didn't move (like Whirlwinds, Basilisks, etc.) you'll have instant hit melta-sweetness on their rear or whatever armor (usually I have my whirlwinds backwards...don't ask). If you pop a tank by shooting it with a melta, you can only get one tank-death the turn the scouts come in (which sucks cause they usually get hammered the following round). You also might want to consider frag just in case those heavy weapon squads are hiding in the forest...but I understand that you are trying to keep the costs low for your suicide scouts.

Anyhow, you have a pretty sweet list. Enough troops to make any Wolf Lord happy, and quite a bit of armor. Lotta high priority targets out there with the two tanks, and the Drednought...enough to hopefully draw fire away from your Rhinos. Plus those attack bikes are a devastating threat.

Let us know how it works out!

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Sweet i'd never thought of the chooser of slain storm shield combo, thanks
multa bombs are pretty expensive though i'd like to run them but i dont wanna take away the power weapons especially whn in the last grand tournament they killed a etheral and caused some mojor havoc resulting in 2 Crisis teams and some troops leaving the field

I tried it out for a while now and it seems to work like you say its got quite a few targets and i think its pretty even

I've never lost with it for a while now i used to lose against my bro's monsterous creature army ( tyranids) cause i used to charge him with the transports. But now i've learnt and sit back and wait for him to come to me which works much better

Against swarmy's i do very well and tanks aren't much of a problem, its just againts big meaty creatures that i struggle, relying on either my punchie squad or some lucky axe swinging.

I'm gonna try your storm sheild idea hopefully enough points will be gained for dready to get some smokes:p

Thanks Again

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i checked the storm sheild choser of slain idea, and dont they contridict each other the storm sheild doesn't let you but the chooser does hows it work are you sure i can keep my attacks?
i just checked out that potentially sweet combo, i hope it works. i can't see how it would be resolved without the Rulez boyz. if the chooser didnt say "counts as having an additional ccw" i would say it works, but it does, and the storm shield says you can;t get the +1 attack from an additional ccw. fluff wise i think its pretty easy to rationalize it working, but strictly going by the letter of the rules, i don't think it does. i know that doesn't help, just thought id add something. hope it does work though, cause its pretty sweet.
Really quick note...

Wait, I just checked the rules...I see a dilemma. Hmmm....damn those who wrote the 4th Ed SM Codex. Hehe. I don't think they thought this combo through when they wrote the rules. Anyhow...try check with the Roolboyz or what not because this is a contradiction which should favor the Chooser of the Slain if you ask reasoning below:

The Storm Shield, a single-handed weapon, takes up the standard additional CCW (thus +1 attack) since the Marine is carrying the shield usually in his left hand. So the Marine is carrying TWO single-handed weapons and since one is the Storm Shield which does not ADD an attack, no additional +1 Attack is granted to the user.

However, the Chooser of the Slain is WARGEAR and NOT a single-handed weapon. The Chooser of the Slain is a fricking Owl or something like that. The COS basically is a familiar BEFORE familiars were familiars for Space Marines. In one of the older Rune Priest models, there's this owl with a cyber-eye. Anyhow, although the Rune Priest has BOTH his hands full (Frost Axe/Storm Shield) one may think he can't gain an additional attack....but he has a fricking cyber owl flying over his head making additional attacks, distractions, whatevers upon his opponents...makes sense?

A Matter of Words...

Okay, after re-examining the text, I think I can make an argument for using both the Storm Shield AND the Chooser of the Slain. Hmm, on the otherhand, it may wordk against the Rune Priest too...

"and model equipped with a storm shield may never claim the +1 Attack bonus for being armed with two close combat weapons." Codex: SM 4th Ed, page 25

"Rune Priests that have a Chooser of the Slain count as having an additional close combat weapon, although this modifier does not apply if the Rune Priest already has an additional hand weapon." Codex: Space Wolves, page 15

On the one hand, the COS counts as "having an additional CCW", but it doesn't say that he is "armed" with a CCW. One interpretation would be that the COS merely adds a +1 Attack as if he "had" a CCW but the Rune Priest is not necessarily "armed" with a CCW. It comes down to the word "have" versus "armed"...are they the same or not? I say it doesn't necessarily have to be the same thing...cause "having" may mean just having the effect of CCW but not necessarily being "armed" or phyisically encumbered by it. This is a weaker argument but I'm making it nevertheless.

However, what may kill the combo is this..."although this modifier does not apply if the Rune Priest already has an additional hand weapon." The Storm Shield (although isn't a weapon per se) does count as an additional single-handed weapon. This interpretation may count that the Storm Shield is an additional hand wepon and thus negates the modifier. However, the rules may be implying that "an additional hand weapon" is in fact an "additional CCW"...that adds a +1 Attack. If the latter part of the sentence is taken in context of the whole sentence, I can see where "additional hand weapon" means weapons that add +1 Attack versus any single-handed weapon (like the storm shield).

GW Rule Makers really need to think through rules before they publish them. There's a lot of ambiguity...ugh. I would say, the spirit of the Codex: Space Wolves seem like you can use Chooser of the Slain with Storm Shield and gain the +1 Attack. Just my thoughts.

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Lol Fricken Owl, Ya your right that is a weak arguement, but your right the owl/bird thing would so be able to help dispite the rune priest carrying the sheild

I'll check with the rulz boyz, ( i assume i just post the querie in the rules questions section?)
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