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I played this battle last night so it should be fairly accurate.

The forces were

Space wolves (me)

Wolf lord- belt of russ,frost blade,runic armour,wolf tooth necklace,bolt pistol
- Storm claw bodyguard, 7 marines with BP and CCW, one with powerfist

Wolf priest- plasma pistol

10 wulfen

3 x 10 stong grey slayers squads, each with a single meltagun

Long fangs- 2 x missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters

Black templars (I don't know all the wargear but it should be pretty close)

Emporers champion

Chaplin- powerfist, terminator armour

Terminator squad- 5 terminators, 2 with cyclone missile launchers

Terminator squad- 5 terminators, 2 with assault cannon

Assault terminator squad- (about) 6 terminators, all with lightning claws

Tactical squad- 6 marines, plasma cannon,plasma gun

Tactical squad- missile launcher, plasma gin

Land raider crusader

He took the vow 'abhor the witch' (or something similar)

The mission was take and hold, night fight was in effect for turn 1.
The table was 4' by 4'.

(from left to right from my perspective)
I put my first grey slayer squad in a small patch of ruins on my far left, next to the ruins I deployed my Lord and his bodyguard. In the large ruins slightly to the right of the center in my deployment zone I deployed my second grey slayer unit and to the right of that my long fangs. Out of cover on my right side I put my wulfen who my wolf priest joined. One my extreme right I put down ,y third grey slayer unit.

(from left to right from my perspective)
On his extreme left he deployed his land raider which was carrying the assault terminators, chaplin and emporers champion. Slightly to the left of the center deployed further back in cover than the land raider was the plasma cannon squad. About 4" to the right of the center he deployed the second tactical squad with the cyclone terminator squad to the right of that. The last terminator squad deepstriked.

In my free move my entire army moved 6" forward, putting most of it within 12" of the center.

I got the first turn.

Turn 1
Space wolves- movemnet
My first grey slayer squad stayed just at the edge of coaver. The wolf lord and bodyguard moved forwards in the direction of the LRC 3".

Grey slayer squad two and the long fangs moved forwards 6" through cover. The wulfen got 5" on animal rage and moved towards the cyclone terminator squad 11". The third grey slayers hugged the right hand side of the board.

Shooting. None as all my weapons were out of range.
Assault. None, my wulfen ended up 2" out of range.

Black Templars- movement
The LRC and contents drove 12" towards my first grey slayer squad and wolf lord, the chaplin-terminator squad-EC combo jumped out. Everything else stayed still.

Shooting. The land raider opened up on grey slayer squad one and proceeded to decimate them, I passed my leadership test after about 5 losses. The two tactical squads and cyclone terminators opened up on my wulfen, resulting in two dead wulfen.

Assault. The chaplin-terminator-EC combo proceeded to assault my wolf lord and bodyguard, after my lord took a wound off the chaplin the terminators struck and killed all the storm claws, the chaplin then powerfisted my lord who died instantly, the squad then consolidated into grey slayer squad 2.

The cyclone terminators assaulted my wulfen, thanks to a counter attack move nearly all the wulfen and wolf priest made base-to-base. After a flurry of attacks from both priest and squad (who both have I5) all that was left was ther terminator sergeant.

Turn 2
Space wolves- movement
My first grey slayer squad moved within 6" of the land raider in the hope to meltagun it. My long fangs stood still and my third grey slayer squad moved up behind the wulfen conflict.

Shooting. The first grey slayer squad did nothing to the land raider, the long fangs shot at the missile tactical squad and killed two, he fails their LD test and they run back about 10"

Assault. The chaplin and terminators killed the only two grey slayers they could, the grey slayers failed their LD test and fell back about 9". The wolf priest and wulfen managed to kill the last terminator before he did anything, they stayed still.

Black templars- reserves
He got from reserve the last terminator squad which DS on my far right, pretty much where the wulfen deployed.

Movement. The chaplin and co. moved after the squad they had just broken with the intention to assault. The LRC truns around and moves 12" behind the center point (as there is a small building sitting there) so it ends up just to the left of the plasma cannon squad.

Shooting. The LRC opens up on grey slayer squad 3 and kill about 2. The plasma cannon squad opens up and does about one wound (the plasma cannon overheats and kills the marine). The missile launcher squad is to busy regrouping to do anything. The newly arrived terminator squad open up on the long fangs leaving one alive, who fails his LD test and runs back 11".

Assault. The chaplin and co assault grey slayer squad 2 and trounces them all, they consolidate towards grey slayer squad one.

Turn 3
Space wolves- movement
The wulfen walk 6" towards the DS unit (the wolf priest keeping them in check), grey slayer squad 3 walks to within 4" of the LRC. The long fang passes his man alone test abd regroups.

Shooting. Grey slayer squad 3 opens up on the LRC with a meltagun and score a penetrating hit, I then proceed to roll a 6 on the damage chart and the LRC goes up in a ball of flames, the explosion doesn't get me but one terminator is caught but passes his save. The wolf priest shoots his plasma pistol at the Ds terminator unit and kills one, they righteous zeal 2" towards the wulfen and priest, falling just short of combat.

Assault. The wulfen and priest assault the terminator squad and strike first, this results in three dead terminators, leaving one alive (the sergeant) who kills one wulfen.

Black templars-movement
The two tactical squads move towards the grey slayers who just toasted the LRC in the hope to riddle them with bolters.

Shooting. The two tactical squads fire their bolters on the grey slayer squad and kill about two, who then hold.

Assault. The chaplin combo assault the remanants of grey slayer squad 1 and kill them all, they then consolidate towards the center. The wulfen and priest finish off the last terminator and consolidate towards the Chaplin combo (even though there is a large block of sceneary in the way).

Turn 5
Space wolves-movement
The last grey slayer moves towards the two tactical squads, hoping to assault them both. The wulfen manage to get 6" on their animal rage and a 6 ontheir difficult terrain test and bundle 12" into cover.

Shooting. None

Assault. The grey skayers assult both tactical squads and do little, they kill about one marine, they take nothing in return. The wulfen ad priest manage to assult the chaplin-terminator-EC combo, the EC singles out my priest for single combat. Thw wulfen proceed to kill all bar one terminatorand take 3 losses in return. The EC and priest kill each other in combat.

Black templars
The two tactical squads kill one grey slayer in combat for one loss in return. The wulfen manage to kill the last terminator and the chaplin kill the last wulfen.

Turn 6
The chaplin bundles on to the center objective.

The grey slayers and tactical squad hit each other but do nothing.

Game over.

The game is a draw as the chaplin is and IC and can't claim the objective.
I score 1129 VP and he got 1191 VP.

At the end we had about 8 models total on the board!

The wulfen and priest were my star unit, they killed over 600 points of terminators and an emporers champion, they are proving to be my most effective unit and nearly always earn their points.

The black templar player normally has amazing luck and he did, what stopped the terminators was the sheer number of I5 attacks off the wulfen, they hit and wound more easily than your standard marine!

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The Machine Spirit allows you to fire one more weapon than is normally allowed, with a crappy BS. However, you must be able to fire a weapon in the first place. This means that if you move 12", under the rules for vehicles, if a non-Fast vehicle moves over 6", it can not fire at all. Thus, if you move 6", you can fire ALL of the Crusaders weapons without the Machine Spirit, because all of its weapons are defensive, aside from the Multi Melta, which is allowed to be fire anyway.

The best use for the Machine Spirit is to either engage multiple units at a time (firing the assault cannon at infantry with the Machine spirit, taking advantage of the fact that despite the poor BS, you should get a good amount of hits with the twin-linked nature of the weapon and firing the Multi Melta at a nearby tank with the normal BS) or to still move and fire some weapons when the crew has been shaken.

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good rep but i have to say ya probably would've had it handed to you if not for ur wolfen (i love it when a single unit wins the game cus next time they will probably do squat)

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if it moves max distance then it cannot fire anythin not even the boltersbut if it only moved 12 then he can fire them and the sb and either the twinassault can or the multi melta
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