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I need a bit of help, I just started with the space wolves but my painting is dire. I got one model painted basically atm, but it imo don't look that good. I started with the black basecoat and then fenris gray to space wolves like I think you should. Only the recesses arn't showing to great what color wash would you suggest to use. Ill try and get a pick in the next few days as my camara has gone missing

Thanks WLG

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Black, Blue and Brown washes are all suitable for Space Wolf Grey. What I would suggest is washing with a mix of fenris grey, a tiny amount of black and loads of water, localise the wash by using a small fine detail brush and painting it into the recesses. This should give a little more depth to the model.

One thing I must say is practice makes perfect, no one is good at painting miniatures when they begin, but the more time you spend learning the skill, the better you will become.

Good luck, lets see some pictures.


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My approach is a little different.
White base coat followed by fenris grey foundation paint (this should be thinned).
Then paint fortress grey, thinned, over the whole model taking care not to paint the shadow areas.
Wash this with a 50:50 devlan mudd:blue mix. Thinned again.
Work the highlights up with fortres grey and then space wolves grey.

Take a look at my painting projects thread in my siggy to see end results.

Hope it helps.

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having been paint wolves since 2nd ed (that shows my age) and tried out many of the Games Workshops 'methods' my current process is as follows

1. White Undercoat
2. Airbrush Fenris Grey Basecoat
3. Boltgun Metal for recesses
4. Elf Flesh for faces
5. Devlan Mud (again with airbrush)
6. 30:70 mix of Fenris Grey & Spacewolves Grey over the armour missing all the armour recesses etc

Probably a bit fiddly.. i like the coverage that mixing a foundation paint with regular gives..

Obviously this is for multiple minis.. i try to do 2 squads at a time..
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