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It was my wolves versus my roommates Imperial Guard army. 1850 points.

My army consisted of a Crusaider, a long fangs squad, a rhino, a venerable dred, 2 grey hunter packs, 1 blood claw pack, a command squad of a rune priest decked out with bionics, runic charm (or as I refer to it, armor cookie) and weapon. He was accompanied by a cyclone terminator, 2 stormbolter/power fist terminators, and a storm bolter/power sword termy. a bike pack, and a wolf priest to join the blood claws. He had an impressive number of troops. Heavy weapons squads everywhere, 2 squads of 12 hive gangers, with some nasty weapons. Some other cityfight troops, and a command squad of a captain and a comisar. including a leman russ exterminator, and a basilisk. I was really worried about his deathwatch kill team though.

It started out kinda even, casualties though were more costly for me. I lost my entire long fangs squad due to a stupid gamble.. There was a enbankment in the center of the board, sort of in my deployment zone. I thought with the dread I could get first turn, so I placed my long fangs in the sand bag bunker and placed the land raider and rhino right behind it, ready to charge the guard lines and make a quick victory out of it. I lost my gamble and rolled snakeyes. He got to go first..and he promptly took out my heavy weapons. Some grey hunters were also taken out. I took out a few of his expendable troops..nothing serious.

The next round came at a greater and greater cost to me. My land raider was hull down, but still recieved a glancing blow from a heavy weapons squad, a lascanon shot that put the landraider so it was immobile. My command squad of 4 termies and a rune priest had to disembark.. My blood claws charged ahead of the command squad closer to the enemy. the blood claws unloaded on somemore of the expendables. they broke and failed morale test. Leaving his command squad of captain and commisar open to a charge....4 attacks each on this assault phase..with a wolf priest with a frost weapon..things were lookin up.

then he moves in his deathwatch from behind terrain and cuts behind the bloodclaws and they drop the kill team...right in front of the command squad. The only troops that had a chance of taking down this squad..and they got there a lot quicker than I wanted them to be. all of the termies had bionics, so did the rune priest. but after a round of combat, assault and bad rolls, all 5 were on the ground. after that it became my turn again.

i moved up a squad of grey hunters and bikers to the imps south side, as the blood claws were attacking from the east. my dreadnaught moved up to assist the command squad. the grey hunters were under the rune priests storm, but now they were out in the open. they were cut down in a hail of ordinance fire and heavy bolter shots. the bikers were taken out after that. A lucky pinning hit almost destroyed the dreadnaught, but a reroll lowered it to a weapon destroyed...the claw.

this is when things got interesting..the bloodclaws assaulted the command squad, and decimated them. the rest of the expendable impguards fled, and I consolidated to form a line in front of his last remaining expendables . I had already eliminated the first set of 12 hivegangers. now I was face to face with the remaining 12. instead of firing I assaulted, and cut them down. then decided to sweeping advance to the heavy weapons squads lined up in front of his armor. I took 9 blood claw casualties in the withering fire from the weapon squads. only the wolf priest was left. back on the deathwatch and was a constant back and forth. He could only hurt the dread with 2 models, and he had to roll 5 or 6 to wound me. Slowly was puting damage on the captain and power weapon weilding DW units.

after I was cut down to 1 unit, I charged the heavy weapon squad 1. I killed them thanks to the frost blade he had. I advanced to the next squad and killed them. turn went by, dodged some fire for a round, then moved 6 on my turn, then assaulted the last group of footsoldiers that were in cover. I got to base to base in assault, and by a lucky roll, the priest was floored. dread and DW kill team were still wailing away at eachother, to no success.

i came to my turn and rolled for the getup with bionics for the priest. He made it. he stood up and double tapped the plasma pistol and took down 2 of them then moved to base to base. imps tried to fire plasma pistols at me but burned themselves and were removed from the board. the last 2 felli nclose combat. turn went by, just the usual..dred and DW playfully slaping eachother, ord on the landraider, taking the occasional weapon off a few turns after this the land raider is popped, and my hopes start to fade again. i had to move 6 toward the basilisk after that, I shot the pistol. scorced the side of the basilisk and popped it. the reprisal fire from the leman russ put the priest on his back again. same thing again with the DW and dread. But I finally kill his captain. now only 1 of his DW can wound the dread.

next turn I make a getup roll...and make it a second time in a row. priest gets up and moves 6 inches and assaults the last of the heavy weapon squads, moving from teh north to where the basilisk was popped and the boys in cover were killed, back south west. the last heavy weapon squad is put down., and im hit by a lascanon shot by the leman russ. same thing again with the dread..

The priest miraculously gets up and proceedes to distract the lemann. durring the next few turns as the hilarious sight of a tank running away from a lone priest ensues, (remember, he has a frost blade, and my roommate does not want that guy at the rear of the tank.) the dread finishes off the rest of the squad now that the power weapon weilder is taken down. just as the priest is put on his back again, the dread finishes, and moves to the leman. the priest stays down this time, rolling a 3 on teh getup roll.

I realize that the priest took out almost half the army by himself.

the dread just makes it to resume the chasing of the tank the priest was playing with it before. this time, as he draws back to fire the las canon at me, and misses, I move up to the side armor and glance him. cant move OR shoot next turn, I move to the back, try the flamer without success, then move in to the rear of the tank. 2 attacks and its penned, and destroyed.

I am left with one gimp dreadnaught, and an observing roommate (tyranid player) rolling on the ground with suprise and laughter at my stroke of luck in this game.

I can say ive never had this close a margin before.
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