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Space Wolves Shoulder Pad

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Hi Folks,
I was just wondering if someone out there knew how to get a good cover of yellow over shadow grey. I am trying to paint up my Blood Claws - spray painted undercoat of Chaos Black, spray painted next layer of Shadow Grey (worked like a charm) but then when it came to putting the yellow over the grey, things started to fall apart. At the moment the yellow is looking streaky with lots of yellow in some parts and very little in others.
Does this mean that I would need to paint the shoulder pads white first before putting on the yellow - at the moment I am up to two coats of the yellow and still going.
By the way, I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this question.
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:eek: you actally painted ur model with its shoulder pads on wile u were base coating :lol: thats a standerd newbie mistake . you should never ever base coat your models with any of the following on the :
Back packs,gun/weapons,heads,any extra things such as wolf tails . 8|

p.s wat color are you doing ur shouldpads

exact detail please
Yellow shoulder pads (both left and right) - can be ink or any other type of yellow.
Shadow grey trim.

At the moment I have already undercoated in chaos black, second spray coat of Shadow Grey (worked really well), then I had to put two layers of white on the pads and then I put yellow ink (this actually worked really well - I like the way that yellow ink makes it look really shiny).
I guess that I will just learn from my mistake and put the shoulder pads on later on, undercoating in white from the start. Unfortunately I have already undercoated with the pieces glued on the next unit (Grey hunters) although I will be having Blood red shoulder pads for them so that is not so bad (I think that red will go over shadow grey much easier than yellow).

All hints are welcome for the future advancement of the Space Wolves Chapter's existance :w
heres a good piece of advice mount ur hqs on bike s (works like a charm) with a power weapon such as a frosst blade or thunder hammer the extra distance will fool your oppenent into close combat .

P.s never use a land raider its to expensive for its purpose unless ur transporting termanatersand if u do take one take the las cannons
i had the same problem so i did the same as you, it does look good
A good undercoat for yellow is bleached bone surprisingly and bleached bone is a strong enough colour to go over anything nicely. White is a poor choice as I have noted a strong tendency for the yellow coating to go streaky over white.

Funnily enough I hate red and think it has the least covering power of any colour actually the best colour I have found as a basecoat for red is yellow (if you want it really vivid red) but that doesn't really solve your problems.
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