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Hello Spacefarers,

Last nite I went to my local gaming shop and played a night fight with a Khorne mutant army. We played 2000 pts. His army consisted of the following (from memory so bear with me)

1 Daemon prince (HQ) with some daemon marks and wings.

3 Huge spawn (forge world thingies)

3 regular spawn

10 hell hounds??? Little gibbering monsterous that were like weak spawn.

8 Bloodletters

10 Khorne hounds

3 packs of mutants armed with firearms and CCWs, 1 aspiring champ per pack, about 20 models per pack.

1 Defiler. Autocannons, demolisher cannon, whatever else.

My force consisted of

1 Wolf lord with 4 terminators attached (standard weapons minus 1 stormbolter/powerfist) They were in a LR.

1 Rune Priest attached to a pack of 9 BCs. Rune had a force weapon and a frost fang, plus runic armor. All in a Rhino.

1 Grey hunter pack (10 men). In a Rhino

1 Venerable Dreadnaught (multimelta, storm bolter, CCW).

1 Vindicator

1 Long Fangs pack (heavy bolter, lascannon, plasma cannon, missile launcher).

2 landspeeder squadron (heavy bolters).

5 Wolf Scouts (melta bombs, 2 power weapons, bolt pistols, CCW)

The battle field was played out on a craggy ravine area. Lots of difficult terrain rolls (each ravine coun't as a difficult terrain roll to cross) plus we had a choke point in the middle surrounded by woods and such.

As you know, nightfighting is quarters and I won the roll so he setup first. Big mistake on my part, as he put his huge spawn right in the corner, forcing me back to nearly to the corner of my own table edges. The rest of his army followed suite, filling in the corner of the table (which also had about 3 crags and some woods around it that would be critical in the battle. I thought this would be nice for my demolisher cannon, but night fighting would make it very difficult to see. He left his defiler on the table edge, hoping to use it for bombardment (but again nightfighting rules would stop that) and tying up his table quarter. He left some muties behind after I reminded him of what SW scouts can do just to make sure :).

I deployed my forces where I could due to the 24" rule. I had a rocky hill that I deployed my Long fangs on, while placing my vindicator 24" back from his troops in hope of getting a shot by turn 2. I placed my Grey hunters in their rhino near the vindicator, using them as a screen for that heavy support or to charge forward if the opportunity presented itself. My dreadnaught decided to stay close to the Grey hunters, relying on his superior close combat skills and mastery of strategy to defend his battle brethren. My blood claws were placed in their transport on the left flank, with the idea of flanking around to hit the khornite scum where it would hurt the most. My Wolf Lord and his battle brothers were in their LR on the right flank, ready to advance quickly to destroy the abomination that presented itself in the darkness ahead. My land speeders setup for harrassing along the right flank as well. My wolf scouts were preparing to sneak around the enemy's line, to take advantage of whatever they might be able to tie up for a round or two.

Turn 1

With the setup complete, we rolled for turns. I managed a six, and decided to attack first. The first turn consisted of very little since I had a max range of 36" with heavy support. My land raider jumped forward 12 inches, using machine spirit to attempt to see that defiler lerking in the distance. Unfortunately he was 38" away, and despite double sixes on my senses roll... was still out of range.

The land speeders jumped forward to support the land raider, picking off shots at a mutie squad that was in the center of the table.

The grey hunters clamored out of their transport, deciding that this was not the time to jump forward into close combat with the chaos spawn! The venerable guided them into a picket line around himself and the vindicator, providing another 6" between the gibbering hordes.

My blood claws and runepriest risked immbolization, rushing through the woods in their rhino to take up a flanking position to the left of the main front. The runepriest looked to the sky and cast storm caller on the rhino, the pychic power swirlling around the tank in a dizzying array of colors.

My long fangs sniffed into the wind and detected movement among the trees. The stuccato of heavy bolter rounds and the whine of lascannon shots wounded one of the huge spawn lerking in the woods but didn't bring the beast down.

The chaos horde advanced forward. The defiler, noticing he couldn't hurt anything from so far back, advanced forward. His mutie spawns on his left flank advanced into the hills attempting to claim another section of the table for their foul god.

In the center horder, his gigantic spawn failed their leadership, becoming insanily stupid and not moving, blocking the entire horde behind them except for a small gap in the terrain! A few of his mutants moved forward, but only a few inches due to the conglomeration of poor terrain in that quadrant.

His mutant squad on the right flank looked up, amazed at their daemon prince moving forward above their heads. Unfortunately, he was unable to close the distance between the Runepriest's rhino. He landed and let out a horrendous scream, letting the Wolve's know of his frustration!

Shooting for the defiler was relatively uneffective. He missed both shots, and proceeded to hunker down on his rocky crag.

Turn 2

My land raider rolled its engines only a little, trying to bring to bear its entire weaponry before the muties and defiler. The wolf lord told its crew to try to spot the monster that was before it, but will a failed roll again the tank aimed its heavy bolters in frustration upon the mutants hiding in the hills. 3 were quickly picked off, with two more from the storm bolter.

In the middle, the grey hunters dug into their fortified positions under the watchful eye of the venerable dreadnaught, his gaze managing to spot a huge spawn and locking on with its multimelta. The shot wounded the beast, sending a howl from the daemonic creature. The grey hunters riddled the area with bolters, picking off a few mutants that they could see while in a flash of speed the land speeders dropped in behind the mutant horde, firing their heavy bolters and knocking out another 6 mutants.

The long fangs and vindicator failed to use their scanners effectively and remained stationary on the hill. Their eyes and surveyors ever vigilant for the horde's main body.

The rune priest detected the Daemon prince on the edge of the woods, and after informing the rhino crew to get them into charging range, pulled out his frost fang and rune weapon. The crew gunned their tank through the woods, depositing the battle-hungry claws directly on the Daemon Prince. With storm caller in full effect, The priest lashed out upon the daemon with his frost fang, its teeth biting deep through its armor to the ichor below (1 wound). The ferocious Blood claw pack, enheartened by the skill of their battle brother, unleashed a whithering array of weapons upon the creature, with 7 of them hitting it many times. Of these many hits, one managed to find a weak point, bringing the beast down to only a wound left. Luck be with Russ, as the wounds had weakened the creature severely, leaving it to howl in rage and only smashed down one of my battle brothers. Now came the slow power fists, their hands crackling under a blue shield, and finally beat the creature down. With a last growl for Khorne, the beast fell after only devouring one of my brave soldiers. They consolidating into a battle line under the guidance of my rune priest, calming their blood thirsty desires.

With that done, the mutant hordes again began their slow march towards my battle line. The fall of the daemon prince had been great, but with a hum the mutant horde managed to summon Khorne's bloodletters to assist them. They instantly noticed the fallen daemon lord, and began to move with swiftness toward the rune priest.

The huge spawn began moving towards my grey hunters again, moving into the woods with his mutant retinue. The regular spawn rushed from the rocky crags in the middle to assualt a land speeder as it wooshed past, reaching up and ripping its heavy bolter from the frame.

The defiler again moved forward, attempting to close the distance with the Land Raider that continued to annoy it. The mutants were told to hold their ground, but popped off a few shots with their heavy stubbers at the land speeders to no affect.

As the bloodletters came in closer, they rushed quickly the last few yards upon the blood claws. Thanks to the pychic effects of storm caller, they were distracted and the rune priest assaulted, knocking one down into the dust. The blood claws were quick in their assualt but all who were wounded managed to stay alive thanks to some mystical power. The blood letters then swept upon them with their hellish blades, knocking down 8 of my warriors. The one with a power fist returned the favor, but thanks to their demonic might only one succumbed to his attacks. The rune priest and remaining blood claw realised the hopelessness of their situation and retreated, hoping to regroup later and fight again.

Turn 3

The Wolf lord ordered his Land Raider closer, and upon seeing the daemonic machination ordered the disembarkation from his transport. The terminators marched out, setting up a defense line and preparing to assault the monster. The Land Raider unleashed its full fury, hitting the defiler twice with its lascannons. One punched through its chest plating and hit its demolisher ammo, resulting in a horrific explosion that obliterated the area around it. The Wolf lord and a terminator barely survived the blast, and turned their eyes toward the mutants holding the hills to their right.

The Wolf scouts managed to sneak their way onto the board upon seeing the defiler rise in smoke, they noticed the mutants in the hills and launched their attack. They rushed forward, bolt pistols, power swords and close combat weapons ready, knocking down 4 of the mutants in their charge. The mutants were unable to score hits, but their leader advanced forward with his power claw, ripping into the belagured scouts and knocking two to the ground.

The land speeders fled back from their attackers, the remaining heavy bolter putting a staccato of fire into the mutants, knocking several to the ground. The long fangs again failed to see anyone on the field. The vindicator locked onto one of the huge spawn, but its shot deviated slightly and only vaporized two of the mutants behind him.

The grey hunters decided to stand their ground and firmly planted their feet to rapid fire their bolters and plasma pistols at the huge spawn, managing to kill one with their combined effort! The dreadnaught advanced a bit and lended his multi-melta to the action, burning one of the spawn severely. He braced for the assault that was coming and told his grey hunter brethren to expect an assault soon.

The blood claws regrouped and the rune priest joined the grey hunters, expecting that he would be needed for the coming battle. The blood claw thought it best to protect his gene-seed, taking cover farther back on the field since he was the only man left in his unit! The blood claw Rhino advanced forward, intent upon running down the mutant scum left on that flank.

The hordes marched closer to my main battle lines, moving quickly through the difficult terrain that had been hindering them so far. With their defiler destroyed they saw no need for holding back as only close combat could save them now.

The huge spawns moved upon the grey hunter lines while the regular spawns moved in on the land speeders again. The chaos hounds moved onto a rocky crag, making themselves visible but doing nothing else. The mutants behind the huge spawn moved into the woods, hoping their large monsters would leave them much to feast upon soon.

On their left flank, the bealugared scouts hit back hard, knocking down another 4 mutants with their power weapons. However the mutants and their leader soon overwhelmed them tossing their bodies down the hill towards the approaching Wolf Lord in defiance.

On their right flank, the blood letters began moving towards the grey hunters in the distance, intent on continuing their slaughter. With this done, the huge spawn failed to make it through their difficult terrain to charge, leaving the grey hunters to shoot again.

Turn 4

The Space Wolves recognized that their situation was dire. The Wolf Lord on the right flank ordered his retinue forward, attempting to wipe out to a man those responsible for killing his beloved scouts. The mutants hissed and screamed for close combat, but the Wolf Lord grinned and ordered his heavy flamer to fire a long burst at the squad, 5 of their number including the mutant leader falling to the super-heated blast. The other members of the squad opened up with storm bolters and an assualt cannon, cutting the remaining forces down. The Wolf Lord let out a long howl to let the others know their brethren had been avenged.

The Land Raider, detecting that the Wolf Lord had the situation under control, advanced toward the gibbering spawn advancing on the grey hunter line. He let lose with all his weapons, cutting down 2 of the spawn in a hail of lascannon and heavy bolter fire.

The long fangs finally were able to see, firing their heavy weapons at the remaining spawn and at the huge spawn advancing towards the grey hunter line. They cut down the remaining spawn while wounding the huge ones. Their sergeant directing their fire intently with the wisdom of many battles.

The grey hunters again opened up, this time targetting the mutants following up the huge spawn. Their bolters kackled knocking several down, and they prepared for close combat. The rune priest cast storm caller upon the squad, knowing that they would soon need its added benefit. The demolisher cannon was unable to see again, missing completely while the dreadnaught aimed wide and the multimelta failed to inflict a wound upon the creature before him.

The remaining bloodclaw rallied and moved forward, intent on helping his brethren where ever he could. His rhino closed the gap between the mutants on the left flank, intent on running them down.

With that done, the lines braced for close combat.

The huge spawn finally made it into combat with my dreadnaught, its gibbering form letting out a bellow as it lumbered forward. It had a companion behind it that was unable to make it all the way, but lended an attack to its friend. The dreadnaught smashed the creature to the ground with its power fist, and stared at the approaching monstrosity.

The bloodletters managed to clear the difficult terrain, moving into close combat with the grey hunters to the left of the dreadnaught. The rune priest struck first, knocking down 2 of the creatures with his frost fang. Another was lost to the warp by the grey hunters tenuous hold. The blood letters responded fiercely, knocking down 3 of the supporting grey hunters however due to their losses they thought this battle wasn't a great idea and two more went back into the warp for easier pickings.

The mutants behind the large spawn began chanting and summoned a pack of khorne hounds that advanced quickly into the grey hunter lines. 2 were knocked down quickly, and luckily the space wolves armor was blessed and resisted all but one attack that felled a marine. The rest piled in upon the lines and withstood their instability check.

Turn 5

The grey hunters realised that this would make or break the battle if they could withstand the chaos onslaught. They steadied themselves knowing that the dreadnaught and rune priest stood nearby engaged with these daemonic foes. The grey hunters fought back, but the daemons were too much for them and only one remained from the daemons attack. The rune priest and dreadnaught struck back, wiping out the remaining demons in response to seeing their younger brothers cut down.

The long fangs again could see as daylight approached, and fired their volleys into the woods that contained the mutants in front of them. The land speeder that had a weapon fired his heavy bolter into the mutants, taking down a few more.

The land Raider caught sight of the chaos hounds fleeing the field in hopes of holding their starting quadrant, but after firing his heavy bolters, lascannons and storm bolter only 3 remained!

The Wolf Guard with their lord proceeded to march forward, where the assault cannon burped forth 2 shells to eliminate the last of the chaos hounds, they would play no further part in this battle.

The Blood claw rhino attempted to run down the mutants in front of him, killing one with his storm bolter but failing to hit any as he barrelled down on them. 1 lucky hit with a power claw breached his armor, wrecking the vehicle and killing the unfortunate crew inside.

With the majority of combat complete, the chaos remenants retreated from the field, leaving much of their dead upon the ground for the birds. The Space Wolves had won a costly victory, managing to control 3 of the 4 quadrants they had been ordered to take, but at the cost of all but one from each grey hunter and blood claw squad. The scouts were brought back to the approaching thunder hawk, having been found still alive barely and would live to see another day. The Wolf Lord let out a sad howl over the lost of his brethren, but knew this had been a costly defeat for the false god. His troops left control of the field to the approaching Imperial Guard elements, to find the next soft spot in the enemy's hide.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed it :). This was my first decisive victory, and I believe I did pretty well for a guy with no spot lights (didn't know we'd play nite fight) and against a fairly CC heavy army (which should've done really REALLY well in night fight).

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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was probably the best battle I've had yet. Lots of drama between the 4th and 5th turns that could've swung it either way.

Thanks again, means alot!

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. It really was the best game I've played in a really long time!
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