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Spacial character to lead my steel gryphons

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I have a DIY chapter called the Steel Gryphons and I am adding a special character called Phoben. I was wondering if he is to good.

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Phoben 150 6 4 4 4 3 6 4 10 4+

Weapons Phoben is armed with a power axe and a terminator pistol with the following profile

Range Str. AP Type
12" 7 2 pistol, rapid fire

Phoben has the infiltrate special rule

Phoben may lead a scout squad. If he does, all the scouts may have power weapons and terminator honours at +15 pts
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Wow, that weapons powerful! I think you'd have to tone it down a bit. Its a plasma pistol without the disadvantage of gets hot! at the moment. Also I don't thinka weapon can be pistol and rapid fire. It has to be one or the other, go with pistol if its got a range of 12" anyway.

15 pts is far too low for power weapons and TH, try 20, maybe...
Is I6 not a bit to fast for a SM considering that a chaplin or librarium only have I5.

and for the scouts power weapons just what monkey king said make it more expensive.
Why not simply use a mastercrafted plasma pistol? It isn't much worse and Phoben's real damage-dealing is in CC anyway.

I don't like the retinue upgrade. Infiltrate+41 power weapon attacks on the charge is far, far too powerful. Let him bring a retinue of normal scouts and call it good. (You might give Phoben the Scouts rule so the group can inf. and scout-move...that's still really good.)

I'm curious about Phoben's background. What's his story?
I wouldent let you use this...
Just make up fluff and use the normal armory for your own charecters.
Rapid fire+pistol kind of creates a problem. Can he assault after shooting it or not? Maybe one shot yes two shots no? Thats just a normal pistol. So whats the point of teh rapid fire?
Like Fallout said I wouldnt let you use this.......

Just use stats from a hq or something and just make fluff like stated before because this guy is lop sided and whats the point of having him because both people have to decide if they want special characters and once they see this guy they will say no.
I see the guy and his weapon as beeing too powerful. Why not just use a Captain, or Master profile, add a master crafted weapon, and come up with a nice history? If you look at most of the GW special characters, that's all they are, with the exception of a couple of neat add on's that are Chapter Specific.
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