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I'm looking for a specific miniature made by Citadel in the mid-1980s for "Otherworld", the Citadel AD&D miniatures range, more specifically a model from "ADD51 - Kobolds".

The miniature is the kobold "Pose 1, variant B". This figure is armed with a spiked wooden club. He is looking forwards, with 2 small horns and an open mouth showing short fangs and tongue.

On his left hand a shield could be added - I am still interested in the miniature whether it has a shield added or not.

It looks like this:

Azure Art Trophy Sculpture Symbol

and can be found on:
OTHERWORLD - The Citadel AD&D Miniatures Range

If any of you have that miniature lying around, painted or not, and want to sell it, please let me know.
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