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Well i played an 1000 point take and hold alpha rules game. The objective was a land raider crusader smack in the middle of the field.Here were our lists... (im sorry in advance if this isnt good but this is my first battlereport)

Speed Freaks (me)

HQ: big mek with kff (by himself in trukk) and e'avy armor
Elite:19 'ard boyz and one mega armored nob in battlewagon (burna and big shoota in mob)
Troop: 9 trukk boyz and nob in eavy armor, slugga and choppa and one burna in a trukk (of corse)
Troop: 10 trukk boyz with two big shootas and burna in a trukk (of corse)
HS: Battlewagon with 3 TL rokkits and Looted Leman Russ
(all vehicles had the armored plating and red paint job updgrades)

Tau List

HQ: most basic hq with most basic crisis suit battlesuits possible (not even sheild generators just some rokkit pods and flamers i think)
Elite: 2 squads of 5 stealth suits
Troop: 12 Fire warriors
Troop: 12 Fire Warriors
HS: Broadside and Hammerhead
and a team of 5 gun drones but i dont know what they take in the FA chart

To roll for delpoyment i went first, but he got first turn.

Turn 1: Fire Warriors, Stealth Suits and Gun drones adavance. Hammerhead moves into LOS of Battlewagon transport and is able to move 12 because of special updrade thing, scores pentrating but is downgraded to glancing due to a roll of 4 for KFF, blows up on lucky 6. 'Ard boyz suffer three casaulties and are entangled.

Orks: All vehcicles get into KFF range, big mek disembarks, all vehicles stay put blocking LOS of both all of the 'ard boyz and the big mek.

Turn 2: Fire Warriors advance towards objective along with gun drones. Stealth team number one advances towards the left flank and stealth team 2 towards the right. Stealth team one attempts to mark warrtruk but fails. Stealth team 2 marks leman russ sucessfuly. Stealth team one fires upon trukk boyz mob 2 and destroys warrtruk, no casulties suffered while getting out. Two railsguns fired at leman russ, one misses, twinlinked, rerolls, hits. Both glance because of KFF resulting in simply a crew stunned.

Orks: Now da boyz were enraged. Empty warrtruk of Big Mek moves 13 inches towards the objective. 'Ard boyz mob load up into empty battlewagon. Rest of the army moves 6 inches along with the Big Mek to keep in range of its effects. Leman Russ stays put due to stunned. Trukk boyz without trukk also advance 6 and fire off big shoota, taking down 1 fire warrior, battlewagon fires TL rokkits at fire warriors killing 3 (i was out of LOS of hammerhead and broadside) They then take morale check and luckily start to run!... but they will auto regorup because of bonding

Turn 3: Stealth team 1 moves towards the empty warrtruk, everything else stays put. Stealth team 2 once again succesfully marks the leman russ, but not in range to hit any trukks or boyz with burst cannons so move back into cover (he moves in and out of cover every turn with stealth suits) Stealth suit team 1 moves into rapid fire of the empty warrtruk...yes! he took the trap, blows up due to to many glancing hits. Both railguns fire at Russ but do nothing because they fail to glance. Moves both stealth teams 6 inches towards objective in assault.

Orks: Da boyz strike back! Rokkit Wagon moves 13 inches foward around the buildings towards the fire warrior full stregnth squad and disembark. Trukk boyz move 13 inches toward steath suit team 2 and disembark. Trukk boyz without trukk move toward exposed stealth team 1. Trukk boyz without trukk fire upon stealth team killing 1 with slugga rounds and 1 with big shoota rounds. They then pass their leadership test Trukk boyz mob with trukk shoot upon stealth suits squad 2 killing none. Now the Leman Russ fires at the full strength fire warriors squad, scattering right into the crisis suits! Killing the 2 bodyguards and wounding the commander! Next trukk boyz mob without trukk charges stealth suits and massacures the suits with 3 burna power weapon attacks. Roll 5 inches for massacure and move towards the objective. Next Trukk boyz mob with trukk charge stealth suits killing them all and masscuring. Move 4 inches for massacure and move towarwds their trukk.
Then the 'ard boyz charge the fire warriors (dont want to kill all the fire warriors and be stuck their to be hit by a subumisson round) "Ard boyz auto pass waagh, and massacure the fire warriors without a single casulty, and then rule a massacure of 6 inches to just be able to consolidate into the other squad of fire warriors!

Tau: moves drones into objective. Assault with 'ard boyz results in all tau dead Shoots both rail guns at Russ but doesnt even glance.

Orks: Trukk boyz without trukk move within objective range, trukk boyz with trukk embark and turboboost into objective range. Battlewagon fires 3 TL rokkits at the hammerhead and destroys it due to not moving. Russ moves 13 inches in front of battlewagon to block LOS and cannot fire battlecannon. "Ard boyz then massacure gun drones and consolidate into commander who he forgot to move in his panic. The 'Ard boyz promptly killed the one wounded commander, and all he had left was a broadside, so he gave up because he had no scoring units. All alive units except for big mek who was left in the dust score.

Was a Good WAAGH for the orks?!
What do you guys think?

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Good win for the Orks.

Your opponent was cheating a bit though. Shouldnt the commander have been instant deathed by the Leman Russ shell?

You cant move(in the movement phase) and use a markerlight on a stealth suit.

Good win though.

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Anticitizen said:
i cant tell you how colol that is orks are an awsome race and murikhailr is pissed cause he is TAU, but nice job really nice job
Dude don't even go there haha.

I don't get pissed off anything. I am just starting Tau, and by far I can care less if I win with them or not =) and like I'd care exactly on someone else's loss... haha.

and All I said was "Instant Death" to the Tau. Speed vs a foot army w/ a lack of crisis suits, is a dead one.
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