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Squat Lists

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I have a couple of units of squats that I collected way back in the day. Does there exists a list that I can use to create an army or detachment? I know they've been killed off but I love the little guys, especially the ones on bikes.
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On this unofficial site you can find a nice V4 squat list (pdf format)

could be a start!
The Imperial Guard list should work pretty well if you have mostly lasgun-armed squats. Exo-armoured Hearthguard could be used as allied sisters of battle (faith points represent the ancestors protecting them or something) while living ancestors can be allied inquisitors (elite choice preferably, they don't have power armour as I recall =) or IG psykers. Attackbikes are a bit hard to fit in though.
I've actually gone and done this... a Squat IG regiment (the 7th Sphinx Irregulars), consisting of,

Command Platoon with Powerfisted Heroic Senior Officer, Standard Bearer etc.
Commisars (the old guildmasters)

2 Heavy bolter Fire support squads
1 Missile launcher Anti-Tank Squad (with Catachan missile launchers from a friend)

1 Hardend Vets squad (with SM scout shotguns, Catachan Flamers and homemade grenade launchers + Chimera)

1 Armoured fist squad (+ Chimera)

1 Regular Platoon (command squad + 3 squads with Plasmas and Lascannons)

1 squad of Ogryns (+ Chimera)

10 Ratling Snipers

3 Hellhounds

1 Leman Russ

2 Basilisks

It was very amusing to roll up to a GW store veterans night with this army.

(If I can get some good pictures done, I'll post them to the gallery section)

Oh and Pman, if you want to find a new home for your squats, i'd be more than happy to take em off your hands ;)
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Thanks for all of the replies everyone. I found that list through Google, but I was hoping for an "Official" list similar to what GW did for Chaos Dwarves in WHFB. I'm not sure if I'm ready to let them go, but thanks for the offer.
No chance of an official list I reckon, what with GW's "The Tyrannid's ate them" policy and all.

They're still very fun to play as an abhuman IG regiment, although it's somewhat tricky to get extra miniatures, as they're getting quite collectable on ebay at the moment.

Fortunately, there's an ebay seller fantastic_minaitures (or similar) who's listing "futuristic space dwarves" which are a tribute to the old Ironclaw squats, and are fairly reasonably priced.
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