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Staff of C question

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Hello all,

I'm missing my book at the moment (new house, it's buried in a box) and a friend asked a question about the staff of C when I was talking about an army list. This has spawned about three questions.

1) Does the staff allow me to actually cast Treesinging more than once from the same mage or do I have to stop after succeeding once with that mage? I seem to recall it as being allowed to cast and succeed as many times as I can given the dice I have.

2) There is no damage from pushing a forest into a unit (and it stops when it touches the unit), correct?

3) The staff and the deepwood orb are both arcane items. I can't have them on the same mage, right? Am I correct in my assumption that the orb on mage #2 won't affect the treesinging from mage #1 with the staff of c?
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Correct, correct and correct.

The Sphere and the Stave only affect the spellcasting of their wielder, not any other caster.
Youre right wit hall three but dont forget that the wod also stops when it touches a piece of terrain.
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