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Finally remembered to put this up on here,
Staffs Gaming (SG) is a local gaming club for those of us in the Staffordshire area, we play nearly any game, this includes Games workshops 40K, Fantasy systems and the Inquisitor RPG, Privateers Press’s Warmachine and Hordes and Vampire the masquerade RPG there are a number of regular TCG players as well, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh to list but a few there is also access to a number of gaming consoles and games for them including RockBand for the X box 360.

Open Monday Wednesday and Friday evenings and most of Saturday
Opening times
17: 00 - 23: 30 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
12: 00 - 23: 30 Saturday

It is pretty cheap in terms of cost;
£1 a night
£2 for Saturday
£8 a month,

The website for the community/club is
The community is made up of gamers of a number of types, from tabletop gamers, TCG gamers, to computer and console gamers.

Those of you in the area I hope you at least take a look at the site and forum, but I also hope to see you down at the center sometime.

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