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Stand and shoot=/?

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Iwas excited to start necrons, then i heard someone say they are stand and shoot!? Is this true? I thought they would move alot and shoot but not stand and shoot=/ clear thhis up please!
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It all depends on your style of play. The necrons have some very mobile fire power such as immortals and destroys both being able to move and shoot. Also the basic warriors are best mid-short range with their rapid firing gauss weapons. This means that they are going to have to do some moving to get into a good firing position or capture objectives or table quarters. So in general they do not have to be a stand and shoot army if you do not want them to.

I am not a necron player myself (have fought against them a few times though) but I am sure some of the other members of this form can give you some more specific information.

Hope that helps somewhat :shifty:
Necrons can be used in a stand-and-shoot way. I took a legion at 1000pts against orks, and completely krumped 'em. I just dug in behind a low wall, and as soon as they were in RF range they were toast. A couple got through to combat, but the legion could easily take them down at that stage. However, it is only really warriors which benefit from stand-and-shoot.

Immortals and destroyers are best used on the move.

Because destroyers can move 12, shoot 36, and charge 6 all in one turn (not that I advise any charging), or turboboost 24, they are a very present help for cutting down units trying to flank you, or reaching across the battlefield to weaken a unit harassing your warrior core. They are highly mobile and are best when this aspect is played to its full capacity.

Immortals, while not having the speed of destroyers, are a very strong force on the table when used in a mobile way. With a VoD lord, or a monolith, they can be anywhere on the battlefield in a single turn, or can move 6 and still shoot at their full range. They are, again, best used on the move.

While necrons can be played very effectively as stand-and-shoot, they are most deadly, and a truly fearful enemy, when played in the mobile way that they are capable of.
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I believe that Destroyers' Gauss Cannon being Heavy3 means that may not both shoot and assault in the same turn. Heavy weapons on jetbikes (or Destroyers in our case) can move and shoot in the same turn, but I don't know that the rules say you may also assault. If this in in err, please let me know the page number, since I play it the way I described. The Immortals, however, may move their 6", shoot 24", and then assault 6" since they possess Assault2 weapons. Something to keep in mind is that for the move/shoot/move to be possible, you're essentially talking about the Immortals being able to move 6", shoot 6", and assault 6" (since a 24" range doesn't mean much in the overall equation when assaulting since you can't assault that far).

Still, the idea is correct: Destroyers (both types) and Immortals are terrific mobile shooters. Throw in some Wraiths and Scarab Swarms (especiialy those scarabs) and you can have a very fast attack force indeed.

Pg's 53 and 54, under the sub heading 'shooting phase' in the jetbike and bike rules. "A bike is allowed to fire heavy and rapid fire weapons up to maximum capability, even if they move, and are still allowed to charge in the assault phase"
Every single unit in the necron army except the standard Warrioris capable of moving,shooting and assaulting in the same turn. So I would say no, the necron army is not stand and shoot. It can be used this way, but thats a terrible waste of the necrons manueverability IMO.

Warriors have "rapid fire" weapons, so they can't assault if they shoot, and if they move they can only rapid fire their weapons(2 shots,12"), but this is the most effective way to use their weapons anyway.
Necrons have units that are either moving 6" a turn or moving 12-24". You can make some suprisingly mobile lists (unsurprisingly based around destroyers).

Necrons like to move to get into rapid fire range and then dig in, its all about supporting the slow with the fast.
Just an aside, (again I'm pretty sure i'm right here, but i've been wrong often enough before... *S*) Destroyers aren't jetbikes... they move as jetbikes, but are not jetbikes.. so i'm not sure the rule that broken spoons is refering to is applicable...
Yes, destroyers may move, fire heavy weapons and assault in the same turn
in my mind it is not if you can assult after you shoot with destroyers it why would you want to?? just my 2 cents. but back to the real reason for this post. if you want them to be necrons are one of th most manuverable forces in the game with VOD and the monolith for teleporting and destroyers, heavy destroyers, scarabs and wraiths all being very fast moving units as well. just picture this that i have seen done before. 1 monolith, vod lord. ds monolith then next turn 10 immortals and 20 warriors next to the tau.. not to mention 10 scarab swarms w/ d feilds and 3 destroyers and 3 wraiths with d. lord back up all in their grill. the Tau had a bad day that day. by turn 3 half or better of the necron force had crossed the field and was destroying stuff.
I never play necrons as a static army, unless it is in my favor. Like keeping a NB and a etheric tempest between my forces and the a swarm of nids. The nice thing about necrons that are based upon mobility is that is can be compared to static tau and mechanized tau. Being that a highly mobile army can fill many more roles. It is just like saying," I may be wearing 4 layers, but if I'm to hot I can take them off. If I take only one layer, I am going to freeze my but off." I just made that off the top of my head, I though that was pretty good.

I love destroyers,and their close combat brother, and wraiths. Each have similar strengths and similar weaknesses. Each is also great in different circumstances. Mmm, warping through the entire city fight map.
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