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star wars walker

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hey everyone i have converted a star wars walker.

i gave it a heavy plasma a morter and a duel boltgun let me no what you think of it.:yes:
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sorry to ruin your glory but I can't see much of a conversion it just looks like a walker to me
Erm...isn't that just a scout walker toy with some 40k weapons stuck on it? I gotta's not much of a conversion. Sorry.

A comment like this would be rather useless,
maroon1992 said:
its crap how could it be so bad
, right?

I think it could be a good piece if you put some more work into it. As it stands right now it reminds a bit to much of the Star Wars-original. Are you going to use it for Imperial Guard or Lost and Damned? You should show it's alligience a bit more. You could use some parts from the Vehicle sprues to emphasise the 40K-ness of the model.
Painting also springs to mind, I would recommend you to take some time to give it some shading and a few more colors but the yellow. Dry to give the metalparts a good old Boltgun Metal-drybrush, that usually makes quite a difference.

I'm not to familiar with the originalmodel but if there is a tophatch, or room enough to put one, you could have a model poking his head out. This would give a clear indication of what world this piece belongs in now.

The Plasma cannon can make the model seem a bit unbalanced and I would like you to try to put something on the other side. Maybe a box of some sort with an axe or a shovel tied onto it.

Now, hope this will help you and I also hope you will keep polite and try to give good advice (the alternative is to say nothing, sometimes silence is golden;)). I wish you good luck with this project and keep posting pictures to keep us updated.
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Raptors said:
its been done a thousand times before
Could be true, but what has not? It's not like maroon1992 has made it thousands of times, right? Now this is a civil forum where we are helping each other, and comments like this benefits no one. A piece do not have to be unique to be good, it needs not to be good to be posted. In fact the reason for posting is to get critisised, not bullied or nagged on but to learn how to improve.

So please people...
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maroons a mate and he was kidding when he posted

Its crap how could it be so bad?
but anyway yeh follow Andusciassus' advice
Whilst ive got a bit of a cheek (my photograpy isn't the best out there) i'll agree that the pic needs a fair bit of working on.


as for your conversion Andusciassus's advice is very to the point you need to really show what the conversion is supposed to be in the title, ie; blood pack, LATD, guard etc.

now before i start a conversion i look at some of the other model types out there and check the main features that this piece will need to have for it to fit in with the army that im doing, (especially the paint work), then i go find the bits that i think will work and i build them in my head first (i'd suggest you using photoshop (or even painter in windows)for this, as im a bit of a freak when it comes to this) this allows you to visualise the model even before it is completed and gives you a 'guide' to follow and it also allows a visual comparison at the end.

if you need help with any of this then don't hesitate to ask someone. Or even post a conversion idea (theres a lot of how do i do...., on this forum) and people will try to help point you in the right direction.

Now as for, its been done a thousand times before, so what! I challenge you to find a totally never been done before conversion in the entire genre of this game.

NONE of my conversions are first of a kinds, but no-one says, 'yea seen this like a million times before dude', do they? A conversion needs not to be unique in idea to be a great conversion, but to be done in a different way, or with different parts, to qualify as unique.

also look at;
1. the no of posts that this guy has.

2. take the probable age of maroon 1992 (1992 being a probable hint to this) and then ask yourself if this was YOU recieving this type of criticism would YOU come back to LO?
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It needs more detail, I'd get the IG tank upgrade frame and stick on a few extra bits to make it better fit in with 40k.
In the spirit of job. How does it play? The weaps far exceed a standard IG walker. I think the Walkr model makes a decent base to build a conversion from. The suggestions by other LO members are quite right on hints and tips for continuing the conversion. Good work!
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