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Hi all,

Well I finally have the time and inclination to get started on Inquisitor and was just wondering if you wonderful people here could help me out a bit with it. Basically I have never played before, but am a long time 40k player and really like the dark gritty nature of the 40k universe.
I was thinking of starting a small warband - 3-4 characters tops, and pretty much just want any advice that can be given. I'm not a power player by anymeans, and am not interested in making a toughnut character that owns everything but moreso in developing a story for a character and making him (or her) with inherent weakness.
My idea for a warband revolves around an Inquisitor (figured I may as well, seeing as that's the name of the game!) who is on a quest to redeem himself and bring down a traitor within the ranks (basically I'm stealing my idea that I gave to another poster). I wanted to go for an amalthian (is that right?) inquisitor because they make the most sense to me.
Basically the back story is that he is a devout and loyal inquisitor who discovers evidence that one of his Lords is a traitor and has been seduced by the powers of chaos. In uncovering this evidence he is discovered by the high ranking traitor and a sham trial is immediately set up. Before he can be executed loyal friends, long suspicious of the traitor, spirit him away. He is now on a hunt for information and evidence that will damn the traitor and restore his glory.
Equipment wise I was thinking of giving him nothing too powerful - he is on the run after all - but also I would like to make him somewhat competitive. So I was thinking of a combat shotgun with 10 Hellfire and 10 Inferno rounds, carapace armour for his torso, flak for his arms and legs, either a normal sword or a power sword - leaning towards a power sword because he is still an inquisitor so would have access to something like that - and an advanced robotic eye with inbuilt range finder and infra scope. Traits I was thinking of were Force of Will, Nerves of Steel, and maybe rock steady aim or something - not too sure for a third.
As for the rest of the warband I'm not too certain. A veteran guardsmen type character would work - someone with a bit of technical experiance and mechanical skill who isn't a mechanicus. Maybe with a bionic arm or something, I don't know yet.
I was also toying with the idea of a Drill Abbot armed with a great big hammer (mainly for looks) and making him a devout religious follow determined to destroy heresy who has joined with the inquisitor to cleanse heretical cults as the inquisitor gathers the evidence he needs.
A death cult assassin would also be pretty cool - but am I right in thinking that they can be incredibly powerful?
Anyway, I'll post some stats and a bit more indepth fluff once I figure them out, but any tips or advice is more than welcome.

The Fallen
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10 hellfire and 10 inferno rounds is a little strong, power sword, you are covering all the3 "must have" bases, but that isnt what inquisitor is about, build a defect in to the inq, give him an area where he isnt that good and then protect with the warband

But anyway, the trick is to have a good GM who knows what he is doing, he should be able to give you direction on the power level of the campaign, generally

Son of LO
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I agree with Cheredanine.. While it's perfectly legitimate to run games where characters have 40k levels of equipment, I think you'll find it both more managable and more fun if you perhaps restrict yourself to one or two good weapons/armour pieces per character. Even if you don't, and the power level of your game is built to accomodate good equipment, I still think there's a pretty good argument for specializing further and building in some key weaknesses.

I do think you'd have more fun if you downgraded either the power sword, the shotgun, or the armour a little. Remember, if you keep his equipment fairly specialized, you can also explain his character through it. Having inferno shells might help to identify him as some kind of religious puritan who believes in literally burning his heretical enemies, for example, but giving him a power sword kind of dulls that, as it shows he's willing to use technology. Be too general with your equipment, and your character starts to look a bit like he has just 'covered all the bases.'

I think the book itself is quite bad at this - it does sort of paint Inquisitors as the standard 'all round good' characters. This really doesn't have to be the case though. In fact, its one of the best reasons for having a retinue. Build in a weakness or two, and then give other warband members strengths which compensate. This will ensure they have to work together, making games more tactically fun, and also to a degree explaining the relationship between the characters.

As regards the rest of the warband, a key thing to think about is how these characters fit together.. An Inquisitor doesn't just pick anyone who looks like they'd be handy in a fight to be in his retinue. He picks people with skills he values, and whose outlook he can relate to. Who can help him with his work, and perhaps provide him company. Give each character a motivation, skill area or interest which ties in with your Inquisitor, his work and role, and how he opperates within the Inquisition. This helps to ensure you'll end up with a cool, themed warband which suits your Inquisitor and his focus. Don't be afraid to specialize a bit, or set thematic boundaries.. If it makes sense for your warband to have no psykers, don't take a psyker, and maybe look at ways you can even the odds against psykers without taking one. Keeping your warband a little focused will help to tie it together thematically and it will make more sense for it.

Death Cult assassins are fine.. It depends how you build them. You don't have to use the stats and equipment ideas given, a death cult assassin could have a huge range of different concepts based on how they do their job, which methods they favour, what their cult actually believes, etc. Officio Assassinorum assassins are the difficult ones..
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