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So yeah, I'm starting Tomb Kings, getting the battalion twice and converting some models (Warriors to Tomb Guard, Priests, BSB and Necrotect). Thinking of a list like the following, but i realise its probably terrible. i have had no experience with TK and don't really know the must-takes, if any units need to be taken tell me and i will include!
N.B. i can buy other models i'm not limited to the boxes.


Liche High Priest - 255 (Heriophant) [in with archers unit 1]
Level 4
Talisman of Preservation (i need to keep this guy alive)

Liche High Priest - 255 [in with archers unit 2]
Level 4 (on Death)
Dispel Scroll (this is a question mark but not sure what I can take better for 25 points)


Tomb Prince - 130 [in with Tomb Guard]
Talisman of Endurance (i need to keep this guy alive to keep Tomb Guard WS up)

Tomb Herald - 85 [in with Tomb Guard]
Battle Standard Bearer (reduce unstable results by 1 if Heriophant dies or lose combat)

Necrotect - 105 [in with Tomb Guard]
Obsidion Loadstone (to give Tomb Guard MR3)


20 Skeleton Archers

20 Skeleton Archers

10 Skeleton Horse Archers

10 Skeleton Horse Archers


35 Tomb Guard - 535
Tomb Captain
Standard Bearer
Standard of the Undying Legion


Casket of Souls

I quite like Arkhan however and also the Heriotitan.

C+C Please

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Hi, going to assume that this is now irrelevant seeing that it has been several months, but I am just starting to get into WHFB and have a few ideas.

Perhaps split your Lore of Death High Priest into two level 2 Liche Priests, with any lore (although a lore of light would be really helpful if you manage to get the Speed of Light spell for I10). This is a few points cheaper, lets you have a few different spell casters and give a few other units a higher LD (useful when Hiero dies).

The Obsidian Lodestone only conveys the MR3 to the wearer and not the unit (to my knowledge) so that could be dropped for more TG (which I think you should do).

Perhaps also increase the unit size to a minimum of 40-45 since they will be bearing the brunt of most ranged/magic attacks, and more bodies never hurt.

Troops are nice and Casket always seems to be a good choice.

Hope this helps even if it probably late
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