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StarWars names

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OK- I think the people around here might be able to help with this.

In Star Wars are the big 4-legged walkers (AT-ATs, I know) pronounced At-At or A.T-A.T. If one of the is right, how do you know?
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They call them "Imperial Walkers". :)
Yeah, on Hoth, right? But then there's AT-STs and AT-Ats there. Do they ever refer to AT-Ats by name?
I've played games and in that and they are called A.T. A.T.s Stands for All Terrain Armoured Transport. They reffer to the AT AT precursor, the AT TE like that as well.

Same goes for the AT STs and all of their other variants.
So they refer to it by name and say each letter? A,T,A,T? or Att, Att. I know what it all stands for I'm a star wars geek from way back but I've recently been arguing (jovialy) with a friend over how it's pronounced and I haven't been able to find out either way.
Each letter. That's how it's pronounced. Can't quite remember what the E in AT TE stands for.
yeah their pronounced how they are spelt.
how else could you pronounce AT ST? (all terrain standard transport) Though many people call them by their nickname of chicken walkers
I thougth it was scout transport, not standard. :|
I thought it was 'scout', too... but you never here them called by name in the film right?
You can call them whatever you want. They can be ATt-ATts or A.T.-A.T.'s. But for how they are actually pronounced, they also go both ways. I have read pretty much every Star Wars book and IIRC when they are in military situations, like gather intel and whatever and are speaking to superior officers and whatnot they call them A.T.-A.T.'s. However, when speaking to one another or in battles they usually shorten it, as it is easier to say ATt-ATt, rather than A.T.-A.T.

Oh yea it's scout.

The TE in AT-TE stands for Tactical Enforcer.
All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) (Ep V & VI)
All Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP) (Ep III)
All Terrain Open Transport (AT-OT) (Ep III)
All Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT) (EP III)
All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) (EP V & VI)
All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE) (Ep II & III)
Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport (UT-AT) (Ep III)

They should all be pronounced sounding out each letter, else you sound like a fool trying to promounce UT, RT, ST etc...
and AT-PT. cant remember where it's from, tho.
AT-PT = All Terrain Personal Transport

It's from the old N64 Rogue Squadron. Excellent game. :sleep:
If they don't mention certain abbreviations in the movies, there's always the Star Wars RPG (pen-and-paper, not a computer game, it's an infinte source of background knowledge on the Star Wars universe, as well as the expanded universe books.

I believe it's said A-T-A-T, rather than At-At, but I've heard it called both before.
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