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Hey everyone! My first post soooo lets do this! I obviously have Tomb Kings as an army lol. Anyways, my friends and I are creating a 2000 point tourney where we CANNOT change the list after submission. I am in group "Shield" where I am qualifying for knock out playoffs. In this qualifying round, I am facing: Dark Elf, Empire, and Lizardmen. In the tourney overall, there are TWO Dark Elf, Daemons, Empire, Vampire Counts, Lizardmen, OnG, and Beastmen. So pretty much I'm trying to make a list that can be very flexible against them all. I prefer to go heavier on magic due to the fact Ill be having a Casket/SSC. Soooo please give me any constructive criticism because I dont want to come in last lol (everyone underestimates the TKs, I want them to suffer now lollll).

IF YOU READ MY POST,PLEASE RESPOND... you already put the effort into reading ... why not help a fellow tomb king soldier out?!


Lords: 483pts
Tomb King – Golden Death Mask + Talisman of Endurance + Dragonhelm + Shield
Liche High Priest (H) – Talisman of Preservation

Heroes: 220pts
Liche Priest – Level 2 + Dispel Scroll
Necrotect – Ironcurse Icon +Ruby of Ruin

Core: 520pts
31 Skeleton Warriors – Light Armour, Full Command
4 Chariots – Full Command, Banner of Swiftness
5 Skeleton Horse Archers

Special: 522pts
25 Tomb Guards – Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame, Halberds
1 Tomb Scorpion

3 Carrions

Rare: 255pts
1 Casket of Souls

1 Screaming Skull Catapult – Skulls of the Foe

There it is... I am trying to go across all spectrums, with a hard hitting unit (Tomb Guards with Halberds) and shoot (CoS and SSC) with magic support in and out of combat! My objective is to sit back and do as much damage with magic and shooting while holding my ground in battle. We are also playing with terrains that have affects! (Charnel pit!)

I plan to put my TK in my Tomb Guard unit while putting my Necrotect in the Skeleton Warriors unit to actually make get some kills (hatred).

Reason to put in Carrions/Skele Horse Men? Pretty much to stall and MAYBE get a nice charge against a stupidly placed mage? Also to meet quotas lol (min. 500pts core).

Now I know the dark elf(s) I will face will be busting out hydras (the reason to my tomb guards with flaming attacks and S5).

The tourney will begin soon so I dont have time (or the money lol) to get newer things... this is pretty much my whole army (I dont want to use ushabtis!).

I guess I can let you know what I am up against.

Daemon player- Khorne based with a stupid bloodthirster...
OnG player- Black Orcs, many units, A LOT of rock throwers and such
Dark Elf players - hydra (probably two of them), and common things
Lizardmen - Stegadon(sssssssssssss), horde Saurus, carnosaur with a jacked up
Vampire Counts player - New book came out but I'm expecting him to go crazy with
magic and strong lords.
Empire player - Cannons and knights (a lot of these f***ers)
Beastmen - A VERY powerful doombull, Jabberslythe, Horde Gors, BSB (duh), and

Now whats your opinion on this list? I am quite new to Warhammer overall. So my questions to you before you give me advice are:

1- Enough magic?
2- Are my positions of Lords/Heroes decent? (Wizards will stay nearby units for
3-What lore should I take with my second Liche? (I was thinking light for buffs)
4- The magic items on my lords/heroes... are they good choices??? I really wanna
try out the Golden Mask because I hear that its amazing!
5- Lastly, although this is an assumption, I expect to have a horrible time against the VC, Daemons, and Beastmen players. Any advice specifically to take them out?

So there ya go, please let me know strategies with what I got and opinions on the magic items I've taken. I am a newbie to this so ANY advice/suggestions are welcomed

thanks and good luck in all future battles!

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I don't get a few things in your list but that is properly do to play style and a few things in you list is a bit of wasted points.

I don't really like CC TK lords but I think the Golden Death Mask is a waste of points and the points used here should have been use for a magic weapon and/or wardsave.

Skeleton Warriors are good but the light armour is a waste of points, a +1 to saves is okay but it is too expensive if you ask me.

I would drop taking full com. in units you don't have characters in. Save the points on a champion and bring more models instead and the musicians is not really doing anything for you in a undead army.

As you said you self Horse Archers not the best unit there is not hit and run tactics in undeads. They will force the opponent to make one charge and properly a overrun...

Carrions I don't like them... Again the undead thing you can't march so a nice movement 10" is all you are getting.

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You list doesnt seem all that focused your lacking some big beasties. That said if you play right you should be ok you have some strong units.

Also your not allowed to list individual points.

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Welcome to the Forum MarchonSoldier. :)

Firstly, we're not allowed to post individual points for items. Cost of units is ok but individual items are a 'No, No'. Don't ask me why, all I know is that GW gets its knickers in a twist about it or something.

Secondly, I can't comment on your list as I have no idea about TK. the last time I fought them was 5th Edition!!

Good luck in the tournament though. I'm surprised there aren't and WoC players!
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