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Stealth suits as Warp Spiders

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I was thinking about converting some stealth suits as Warp Spiders because I dont like the current Warp Spiders. Any tips on doing this? :rolleyes:
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Okay I couldnt wait for any replies and so I bought a blister of Stealth Suits. It was really easy to make it look Eldarly (Not old :shifty: ) Heres a little guide.

1st take off all the little bits hanging on the model

2nd ad some wire from the backpack to the back of the Gun/Rifle thing glue it with either superglue or some Green Stuff.

3rd just glue the model to the base and the back pack to him and dont glue the little atenna too him.
You happen to have any pictures or such? to see the results...
Pics would be nice. That doesn't sound very Eldar-ish at all. I'm staring at one of my Stealth Suits right now and I just don't see it. I'm sure it can be done with more conversion, tho :)
i suggest you clip off the stealth suit head. File it down so it has a small dip in the middle (maybe use a pin vice?)place a eldar guardian head on and ta-da...a eldarish (is that even a word?) stealth suit/warpspider. Oh yea, also file down the tau icon on its chest :D
This reminds me of someone who wanted to turn stealth suits into wraithguards hehe...

I'm glad that he was amused, but it turned out pretty well.
I think someone else posted an exact same idea a while ago as well...
Problem is hat Tau don't look Eldar-ish, tho many clean lines and such.
not to mention goat feat chunky armour and bigbutt guns....
Plague_00 said:
not to mention goat feat chunky armour and bigbutt guns....
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