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mephistophales said:
I'm putting together my army, and I was wondering whether to go with crisis or stealth suits as elite choices. I'm thinking crisis with a helios build because all the armies I'll be playing will have 3+ or better saves (mostly marines and chaos.) While I think the stealths are great, they won't be able to penetrate any of the infantry. I have considered how effective they can be a;gainst vehicles (when hitting from the back) but my heavy support (2 broadsides, 2 hammerheads) should be able to handle those. Is there anything else to consider?
Depends on the points really, I run with two Shas'O Helios and 3 Helios twin (twin linked Fusion and Plasma / Multi) XV8 lone suits (1 per elite choice) but it is expensive and they have to be used right.

The Helios is a brilliant config and as you say it does excel against Marines but falls a bit short against hoard type lists, unless you have the other parts of the list correctly balanced.

I would advise you take a unit of Stealths (6 strong) and take either Shas'El or Shas'O Helios HQ (depending on the points value of the list), and a couple of either Helios twin or Fireknife XV8's to be honest I would advise taking the Stealths anyway they do work against 3+SV lists

The XV8 fits have different advantages:
The Helios is a good anti armour/SV 2,3+ armour killer and kills most things, disadvantage close ranged you have to be careful with them and make sure you can earn the points back before they get caught.

The Fireknife good range with the MP and the Plasma compliments its range nicely, can be kept out of harms way and works well against light armour.
Disadvantages MP offers a save to tougher models (of which there are plenty) and struggles against AV12 and higer vehicles.

So for a smaller 1000pt list I would run two Shas'Els (1Helios and 1 FKnife) with 1 lone cheap Fireknife and a squad of Stealths, reason good for taking out light armour and infantry (not much heavy armour in 1000pts usually)

1500pts 1 Shas'O Helios and 1 Shas'El Helios use the superior BS to make sure the shots are effective.
1 2 man team of fireknifes with Target lock and 1 lone XV8 with Helios Twin.
1 Squad of Stealths. This fit will allow you to take out just about any armour that comes your way and the Stealths and FK give good light armour and infantry killing.

2000pts My favourite is 2 Shas'O helios with 3 XV8 lone suits all twin Helios but most people like to have a unit of stealths, so maybe a team of two Helios Twin with multis and a target lock with a unit of Stealths and two Helios HQ,s that will certainly kill most things Marines can throw at you and if you have the points take a Fireknife in the last elites slot for a bit of balance all the better.

Personally if your taking two HH I would take the 1500pts set up it will offer you a lot of balance and killing power no matter what you face, and use the Stealths to harrass the opponent to divert fire from your XV8,s and Broadsides, I dont use Stealths but they do perform when used correctly and they will kill Marines especially Scouts and the Daemons which accompany Chaos lists, dont dismiss them.

Anyway hope this helped a bit.

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