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steel legion painting

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Hey, I am starting an steel legion armored company.

I just did not find any information (besides pictures) about what colors are classically used to paint tank camo.

would someone have an idea?
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There are varrious bits on the GW site showing schemes, but for my money, the best source is IA1 which not only contains the full armoured coy rules (more than the GW site ones) but also has a section on camoflage, many excellent piccis explaining things and some new toys. I appreciate this is possibly prohibitively expensive but you need at least to get 20 mins to read the cammo section at the back
well it's all personal preffrance man. when i get my steel leigon ground pounder army done i also want to do an armored company. so im just useing the same colors that i have now. im useing darker colors. many a drak purple with blak splats on it and silver high light with the weapons red and gold. i know alot of people use more earth tones and nutral colors tho.
The traditional colors in the Armegeddon Codex are Fortress Grey basecoat with Rotting Flesh camo stripes.

Of course, paint them however you like...I have mine done in a winter camo paint scheme and snow on all the bases of my models.
Ylide is right about the official SL colors, but you're free to pick a scheme that you like.

I don't run an AC, but my Steel Legion list has 2 Hellhounds, 2 LRs, and 2 Chimeras, so it's pretty vehicle heavy. I went for a dark gray, like WWII German tanks and armored cars, with a little bit of highlighting. Most like the Urban Streets variation on this GW page:

The "ash wastes" option on that page would also be suitable for SL, or any of the urban variants.
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