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This past Friday at my local gaming store me and my other fellow 40k players kicked off our escalation league starting at 500 point army lists for the month of January and expanding by 250 points every month (so Febuary will be 750 point army lists, March will be 1000 point army lists ect.) all the way up to 2000 points.

The objective of this is to get even more players involved with 40k and to play as many games as possible and im pleased to report over 7 new people have joined just this week alone. This was one of my first games in a day that was to say the least dissapointing (went 2-6-1 overall :skeleton: not my best outing). This following narrative is of my one fight with my dreaded nemesis the Orks. Now the rules of our escalation leauge at 500 points is that:

-We have to have either two troop choices or one HQ and one TROOP with no HQ with more then two wounds (hence why the option for x2 Troop choices as the Orks dont have a HQ with only 2 wounds).
-No Special Characters
-The option of taking 1 FAST ATTACK, 1 HEAVY SUPPORT and 1 ELITE choice
-No vehicles with the overall armor value of 33 (example: Rhino-11 Front Armor, 11 Side Armor, 10 Rear Armor, Total armor= 32 which means its okay).

Now these were the lists being used, i apologize for the lack of info in the Ork list as i dont know the Greenskins to well but ill do my best to get it as accurate as possible:


-(x5) Storm Troopers w/ x2 Plasma Guns
Sgt. w/ Plasma Pistol
Special Operations *Airborne Assault*

-(x10 Veteran Squad Alpha w/ x3 Plasma Guns
Sgt. w/ Plasma Pistol
*Grenadiers and Demolitions*

-(x10 Veteran Squad Bravo w/ x3 Plasma Guns
Sgt. w/ Plasma Pistol
*Grenadiers and Demolitions*

TOTAL: 500 pts.

x6 Nob Bikers w/ one Pain boy w/ x6 Power Klaws
(Believe there were some upgrades, thinking its cybork armor on two but not sure...)

-x10 Grots w/ Blastas

-x10 Grots w/ Blastas

TOTAL: 495 pts.

(The Mission was standard Killpoints with spearhead deployment, i hope you all enjoy, comments appreciated!).

Sergeant Aleron gazed out into the shimmering ash wastes of Armageddon at the quickly approaching dust cloud on the horizon. From his vantage point atop the ruined hamlet he estimated that he and his fellow Steel legionnaires of the 11th Airborne had mere minutes before they would encounter the approaching Ork warband, one of many he guessed that had been raiding the struggling supply and refugee columns making their way to embroiled Tartarus Hive in seek of shelter. Much innocent blood he knew had been split by these monsters and he intended to make sure that no more would be spilled.

Beneath him staring out into the ash wastes were two of his squads under his command, veterans all occupying the ruined hamlet, self consciously checking weapons and muttering prayers for deliverance in the coming fight. A crackle of his combead in his ear reported that Eagle 1 with her cargo of five Storm Troopers ready to drop in and surprise the oncoming band of Greenskins was in position.

Seeing everything was ready Aleron raised the flare gun into the air and fired sending a searing ball of red flame into the sky.
immediately the Dust cloud shifted until it appeared to be coming right towards them. Aleron gave a grim smile as they took the initiative, at least you could count on the Orks to be somewhat predictable. However when the Ork bikers roared over some dunes into sight he struggled to hold back a curse for these were no mere Orks thundering towards him.

Standing easily twice the height of any of his troopers, all heavily corded green muscle, the Ork Nobz roared towards the hamlet with hooting war cries and blaring horns. Their bright red warbikes kicking up dust and flames in their wake as the urged their vehicles to close with the Imperials. Behind the oncoming monsters Aleron noticed a small mob of Gretchin wildly waving and firing massive handguns as they struggled to keep up with the bikers.

"Hold your fire until i give the order," Aleron calmly stated into his combead as his men trained their weapons on the oncoming warband. Casually he trained his plasma pistol on the lead Nob bouncing toward him over the sand dunes, easy to pick out with the massive sombrero on its head that somehow refused to fly off. The Ork bikes overhauled their engines and picked up greater speed roaring towards the guardsmen, and in doing so came into range.

"Fire!," Bellowed Aleron and squeezed the trigger sending a blinding ball of plasma at the leading ork, immediately after other plasma round and lasgun blasts erupted from his men enveloping the approaching orks in rain of death. To his immense satisfaction he watched as three of the Nobz were killed either by being punched of their seats by accurate fire or have their vehicles explode beneath them, including Mr. Sombrero. However that still left three bikers left and they howled towards the hamlet, their losses not affected at them at all. In his combead Aleron heard that Eagle 1 was fast approaching and would be dropping of her cargo...hopefully it would be soon enough.

The Nobz roared into the outskirt of the hamlet unleashing a might barrage of heavy slugs with cries of "Dakka, Dakka, Dakka!" To his immediate right one of his men flew back baptising his fellow comrades with his blood as several of the Ork rounds found him. Thankfully no one else was hit as the Orks lived up to their reputation of being "great shots" and to Alerons immense relief the Nobz attempt to navigate the outskirts of the hamlet had still left them to far to ram their bikes into his men.

With the whine of their gravchutes filling the sky the Storm Troopers arrived landing perfectly behind the bikers and quickly leveled their lasguns and plasma guns at the speeding bikers. With another order to fire calmly passed to his men the Nob bikers fates were sealed as over nineteen plasma shots, twenty four lasgun shots and four hot shot lasgun shots were unleashed turning them all into unrecognizable pieces of pulped meat and metal. Unfortunatley two of the plasma gunners themselves vanished in firey explosions as their ancient weapons overheated.

With their leaders dead the Gretchin turned tail and began to run shrieking into the distance, however their Valkyrie Eagle 1 roared over their heads and finished them off with a few well placed rockets. Aleron glanced over the carnage filled hamlet and grinned. This was getting to easy.

Overall Analysis: I slaughtered him, plain and simple. I cant lie i was really starting to sweat when he placed his Nob bikers on the table, but thank god i plasma spammed and to the fact that he completely messed up his movement strugging to drive over some diffiult terrain (a patch of rocks aka: Hamlet Outskirts) that kept him out of range of my men. The ending with the Valkyrie was just added in as my opponent knowing what the outcome was going to be quit, as his one chance unit was cut apart. This was my last fight in an overall bad day of gaming, but it definetly picked my spirits up and gave me some confidence that my Steel Legion Airborne list will do quite well in the future. Tell me all what you think and i hope you all enjoyed it.
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