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Chapter Back ground -
Awaiting commentary pointers and criticisms

Im aware there is now a transport sharing the chapters name - its coincidental fluff will make no claims

Chapter Name Storm Ravens
Chapter Master Aethelwulf
Founding Chapter Raven Guard claimed although a successor is more likely
Founding Unknown
Homeworld See Text
Fortress Monastery Durnovia Station
Colours Dark Green and Grey, although others are used for concealement
Speciality Raids
Strength Fewer than 150 Marines
Few records remain of the Chapters early history, most of the Chapters own records being lost along with the home world.
The chapter is not prominent in Imperial texts meritorious or censorious, which given the way the chapter operates isn't entirely unsurprising and suggests the Storm swords have given solid if unremarkable service.

744 M41
The chapters home world of Durotrigia erupts into civil war as the 19 largest cities and almost a 1:4 of the planets population enter open rebellion. It takes 6 weeks to establish the planet has been infiltrated by a powerful Gene stealer cult and another 15 months to supress, leaving most of the planets cities shattered hulks and its armies scattered and exhausted.

745 M41
Barely 3 Months after the rebellion is suppressed and with its armies still scattered and hunting for any rogue stealers, Hive Fleet Behemoth enters the Piritain sector. Within weeks its clear all is lost and Chapter Master Aethelwulf attempts to rally surviving forces and evacuate what survivors it can. The
survivors are lead to an ancient world ship Durnovia that serves as a space habitat for asteroid miners. Incapable of either warp or even high sub light and with the fleet little more than broken hulks – The Chapter spends the next 150 years in stasis travel the chapter as the Durnovia crawls across the void towards habitable space

887 M41 The Durnovia enters Imperial space and survivors are transported to LV5269 to establish a colony – Durnovia is officially designated fleet base and Fortress for the chapter all though in practice a more defensible base is established on the Island of Durotrige.


Current organisation is a HQ company 2 tactical companies a Heavy weapons company and a scout company – only the scout company exists as a company in more than name.
The Storm Ravens do not tolerate Abhumans or other mutants, this extends to Astropaths and psykers within its ranks, the ranks of its thralls or within its fortress and home lands.
The fleet has no Navigators and Astropaths when required these are supplied by the Imperium for the duration.

The Storm Ravens owe their continued existence to a rather literal interpretation of their recruitment and home world rights. “To the Storm Ravens is granted the Home world and right to recruit from the peoples of Durotrigia and the Piritain system” As such this enables them to recruit from the Island of Durotrige and a few other places – the populos of which are descended from the survivors of the Home system.

A certain amount of Inquisitional forbearance and perhaps foresight is assumed in allowing this state of affairs, after all a chapter however reduced is rather useful especially if it depends somewhat upon the inquisitions good will. It is to be noted however that the Storm Ravens on paper at least are a fleet based chapter with no claim to the planet itself.

The chapter recruits 18-25 yr olds as few opportunities exist to identify suitable candidates from anyone younger. This combined with the small population base and loss of much of its gene seed makes reconstructing the Chapter a long slow process.

The recruitment and training process emphasises stealth and guile more than brute force and aspirants are constantly reminded that sweat saves blood as they are pushed to the limits of endurance to achieve objectives whilst avoiding confrontation. Its only when aspirants realise that Brains saves sweat and rather than simply obey the instructors and seek to find less arduous alternatives that initiates will progress. In training there seldom will be less arduous alternatives the crucial thing is the attempt to identify a better approach and whilst discipline is to be maintained it need not be unthinking.
Equipment and Specialists
Even prior to the fall the Storm Ravens were inclined towards lighter equipment wit more than average numbers of speeders and Thunderhawks and few Landraiders, Predators or Rhinos.
It no longer is able to field Terminators, Landraiders or Predators.

Unlike many other chapters Thunderhawks etc are operated by Thralls – the few surviving marines being considered to valuable to restrict to operating equipment.

There are no Librarians within the storm Ravens ranks, There were few even before the fall of Durotrigia. Psykers were already distrusted before the Tyranic invasion and that situation has only worsened with many questioning why they couldn't sense the Stealers psychic beacon.

Adeptus Mechanicus
The adeptus mechanicus has all but turned its back on the chapter in light of its unauthourised “tinkering” in a desperate attempt to rebuild its fleet - the few adeptus mechanicus that remain do so as they are all but shunned by their brethren and so the chapter must train its own artificers

Chapter fleet
Blessed with a larger than average fleet and owing to the Piritain systems isolated location a substantial Planetery defence and convoy escort Corvette fleet the Chapter can still boast a significant fleet. Officially most of this fleet lies in refit and reserve in reality most is still little more than a broken heap of twisted metal, slowely being rebuilt in the single availible space Dock on Durnovia.
At present 1 Strike cruiser 3 escorts 2 Destroyers and several Viper sloops can be considered operational.

The fleet Relies far more on automation than is normal even for Marine vessels, this along with automated gun decks with no life support has resulted in smaller ships, much reduced crewing and above all significantly reduced power requirements.

Originally a desperate unsanctioned measure to ensure that at least some warships were operational when inhabited space was encountered again, the process has continued in light of the small population base it can recruit from. Unfortunately one that has resulted in something of a rift between the adepteus Mechanicus and the chapter.

Durnovia Station
Durnovia exists now in an extensively modified form. The station itself harks back to before the age of strife, to a time before man could build gravity generators and terraform worlds. Essentially a very large O'Neil Cylinder that was built to provide a home for mining colonies and one designed not to remain in a fixed orbit but to manoeuvre enabling it to follow the outer rim of the system.

Its to be noted that it is no warp capable fortress at best its defences could fend off a Pirate raid if left unguarded and perhaps cynically its no more than a life boat to save a handful of people should the Tyranids approach the system.


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The feeling I get from your chapter is very Raptor-esque - and I love it!

The backstory of an unknown / mostly unrecorded history is fantastic IMO for building your own chapter as it gives you room to move in terms of if you want to change fluff and add more flavour as you play games and build your force.

Personally I think the time frame given may be a little too short as surely there would be some marines old enough in your chapter to remember details of the past, but thats just personal thought of mine so nothing bad at all, I would just stretch it out maybe a few hundred years extra if it was my army.

Have you gotten a force together already or are you more in the conceptual stage so far?

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Thanks for the critique

I do have a small force of Marines and Nids - But I do feel a more Guard mech army is me.

There appears to be a chunk of text missing - I edited with the intent of improving the layout I seem to have deleted something. May update that to correct it

There was also a short précis of the loss of the Home world

See your point regarding the time line -
I face the problem that the Nids Time Line is pretty fixed,
I will have to give it some thought - initial throwing it out there options

Loss of Home world to another is option 1 trouble with that is It doesn't fit the Nid Hating above all feel I want.
Loss to Chaos may further the anti Psyker attitudes - but would they have been allowed to evacuate any of the populace
Earlier Loss destroyed all records - but that's possibly getting a bit Cursed founding

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Not sure I should even reply here with the thread so old, but what's your feelings on inter-chapter relations? My 'Angels of Infinity' are in a similar boat in some respects, a recent severe loss that crippled the chapter, and I could definitely see them saying, "Yo, Storm Ravens, you guys need a hand over there?"

Speaking of which, what part of the galaxy do you operate in?

(Angels of Infinity are currently southern Segmentum Solar and north-west Segmentum Tempestus. They went over "Armageddon" way for a bit but that was an unmitigated disaster. )
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