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Now being tabletop wargamers and computer gamers my guess is a lot of LO members like a bit of strategy on their computers, but what are peoples favourites? Ive just started playing Black and White 2 which is pretty darn good, however my Greatest Computer Strategy Games would have to be (in no particular order)

1- The Total War series (PC)- Ive been waiting for games like these for years and years and they havent let me down, Rome total war and the barbarian invasions are class, although strangely unsatisfying after a while, and Medieval consumed many many hours of my time.

2- Civilisation (PC)- In particular Civ 2, which i played non-stop for months if not years- just a brilliant concept for a game and flawlessly realised, a classic in every sense of the word, i will have to get round to playing the new version soon

3- HistoryLine 1914-1918 (Amiga)- basically a WW1 game based on the Battle Isle system, probably would be rubbish if i played it today but at the time it rocked, i loved bashing the bosche with my Mark 1 tanks and machine gun emplacements- and 15 years later i can still remember the music!

4- Warhammer- Shadow of the Horned Rat (PC version) : seriously! i loved this game and played it non-stop over and over again, i prefer it to Dark Omen although ive never figured out why, maybe because you get to go to Zhufbar and i love Dwarves!

5- Colonization (PC)- On the face of it this is just another civilisation, but actually plays completely differently, a very cool game, although i always had mixed emotions when i had to revolt from Britain, hated killing those redcoats!

Basically i love strategy games and would like to be pointed in the direction of cool ones i havent played, and also find out what other peoples favourites are... ive played Dawn of War and quite enjoyed it, same with Warcraft 3 and Starcraft but i dont really like the whole resource gathering side to them. Battle for Middle Earth was good fun but a little short. Im interested in playing a WW2 strategy game if anyone could recommend a good one, and also are there any decent world war one games out there?

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Sir Theobold the Lame said:
1- The Total War series (PC)-

2- Civilisation (PC)-

4- Warhammer- Shadow of the Horned Rat (PC version)
All great games here! I played these and love them. In fact, Shogun Total war is due for an update ( in my opinion ) and I would really love to see a total war game address early Chinese provincial wars the way the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series does. ( sega, nintendo, ps1 and ps2)

Nobunaga's ambition and Revenge are great early console strategy games also.

Let me direct you to an absolute gem of a series that is about to get it's first official sequal:

Galactic Civilizations!

Man, what a great game! It has an expansion pack out called Galactic Civilizations: The Altarian Prophecy, but admittedly I haven't played it although I have heard great things about it.

Check the series out and if you want try out Galactic Civilisations II which is due out at the end of this February.

Also, in all honesty I can't believe you have never played any of the Heroes of Might and Magic series?

That's another great series, although HOMM III was the pinnacle. You can pick up a copy of HOMM III or even the complete series pretty cheap on ebay.

HOMM V is due out sometime this year, but part III is so worth playing that I can't help but recommend it.

Oh, and by the way, I do actually recommend the Romance of the Three Kingdom series, but I would just rent a copy if I were you.

More later if I can think of some.

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I enjoy the usual suspects (Warcraft, Starcraft, Dawn of War) immensely and I am probably one of the only people who thought that DoW's single player campaign did NOT suck. Here are some of the other strategy titles I enjoy.

Homeworld - Apart from Cataclysm, the Homeworld series is an excellent concept and a well-told story, I just wish they would make more full 3D strategy games of the same calibre (and yes, a game based on Battlefleet Gothic would be awesome). Operatic storytelling, great graphics, and an easy-to-understand interface rolled into one! Incidentally, I haven't played Nexus: The Jupiter Incident yet but I heard it was quite good.

Battle Realms - If only for the novelty factor, playing as the Lotus Clan in Battle Realms was one of the coolest things ever. I find that the unit types are somewhat stereotypical of oriental cultures but at the same time, the artwork is pleasing to my eyes and the Lotus Clan most of all, even if it is a bit diseased and evil-looking at times :tongue:

Command & Conquer - At the time it was released, C&C was the coolest thing since sliced bread where I lived (China) and so I was sucked into the craze and never regretted it. I liked all the different versions although I had a preference for the futuristic Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun. I even suffered through Generals as an unthinkable glitch in the space-time continuum although Zero Hour was able to redeem it somwehat but never completely. It just doesn't compare to the older ones.

Kohan - Along with its sequel and expansion pack, Kohan offers an interesting break from the traditional gold mine economy and individual unit management of typical RTS games by allowing you to recruit companies and have all resource gathering internalised in the various towns you capture. I enjoyed its storyline and its use of zones of control, though there are many things I think could have been done better. The campaign forces you into over-dependence on rush tactics to win as if you take too long to strike a crippling blow to the enemy, they will become too powerful for you to defeat. Kohan II: Kings of War failed to address this issue in their campaign, though that's my only gripe. The storyline remains quite good throughout.

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Oops, I missed a couple of rts's that I actually liked:

Empire Earth I and Age of Empires II and Rise of Nations (RoN has an upcoming installment that I will link to that uses fantasy vs technology it's's called Rise of Legends )

And for the tbs strategy lover's I feel compelled to mention Age of Wonders II ! That is a fantastic game and great fun.

here's some links: of wonders of Might earth of empires civilizations civilizations of the three kingdoms

I'm throwing in this link to Space Empires V because I have played Space Empires IV and while that was a good game I don't recommend you buy it as it was dated upon release. It was made by an independent company and they did a great job on the whole series, but this upcoming version should be a vast improvement and may even challenge Galactic Civilizations II for mastery of the 4X space genre. Even if it doesn't it's worth looking at. empires

If you couldn't tell, I have alot of respect for gamespots website. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I hope these are helpful to you. Maybe we can challenge each other online someday if we find we have common titles and some free time to spend. :)

Just my 2 cents.

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I think my top three would have to be:

1. Total Annihilation. It's getting a bit dated now, but classics never die. I think the still-thriving mod community is a large part of what keeps drawing me back to this game.

2.Black and White. Innovative and fun.

3. Age of Empires series. I like the time periods and races covered, and they just play well.

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strategy rocks..

All very excellent choices, strategy is a fantastic thing a really seperates people by their actions.. I love some of the pressure style situations when you have ticked off the entire multiplayer crew you play with and they all come for you... and you survive.

This is my all time favorite games list and in no order.. and worked as a series not most fav game.

The Civilisation series - Sid the man, Civ 1 was awesome really opened up gaming.. and with civ 2 and 3 and now for 4.. it can only get better. My friends and I put away serious holiday time when in school to play this.. We were young once.. and

The Age of Empires series - All Wicked, I still play this multi with mates for a quick session at work.. We have wicked But my fav mod was the star wars mod one.. but it was clearly the Age engine..dunno.. Have bought Age 3 and am doing serious damge to that.. highly reccomend it as it has great in game fetures..BUT i cant stand the fact that you cannot organise troops into formations as in previous age games.. this is a real bummer for a such a great game..

The Total war series - man unreal.. always as a child playing risk i could imagine such things.. I am a serious vistim for this series.. my friends and i really banged it multiplayer

The Command & Conquer series - All great, not the best but was good to just jump into and be over in a short time whereas others had a much longer gametime..

The Heroes of might and magic series - really top fun, great for fantasy.. especially mixing up those armies..

Honorable mentions..

Thrones and patriots - A good RTS. love it..

dawn of war - rate it but just doesnt have the final punch.. its like instant coffee for a fix..
wanna see winter assault (guard fan massive)

and when it all gets to hard and you wanna shoot someone.. day of defet: source
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