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Strigoi list 2000pts v1.01 ~~

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Characters: 740pts

Strigoi count: 315pts
- lvl 2
- Iron sinews
- Curse of regen

Strigoi thrall: 125pts
- bat form

necro: 150pts
-lvl 2
- book of arkan
- scroll

necro: 150pts
- lvl 2
- power familiar

core: 567pts

9 ghouls: 72pts

9 ghouls: 72pts

9 ghouls: 72pts

6 Dire wolves: 60pts

11 zombies: 66pts

20 skeletones: 225pts
- FC
- LA

SPEC: 490pts

20 Grave guard: 310pts
- FC
- banner of barrows

3 fell bats: 60pts

3 fell bats: 60pts

3 fell bats: 60pts

RARE: 200pts

black coach: 200pts

TOTAL: 1997pts
pd: 9 + bound spell
dd: 6 + scroll

did i go over the top on that bat? :O anyways this my new faster and abit different list and they might just be replaced with 6 dire wolves insted(removing ranks is quite helpful).

one unit of ghouls will form a missle screen for the count in the skellie unit, then when a charge is a bit to happend move out of the way... or if a charge is presenting itself before me they will flee making sure the enemy can see the unit behind them thus making a re-direct charge impossible and leaving them upon to a countercharge.
This is an evil tactic but also costly if i fail it, regardless it is not considered cheesy here and shouldnt either... if your opponent is careless like this he deserve it.

the thrall will move in cover of the bats and attempt to marchblack or encircle my enemy and execute som funky rear charges.

Then setup the coach for some nasty counter-charges... should not be all to difficult with all those marchblockers.

this is a competitive list... but hopefully not cheesy :w00t:
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Drop one unit of fell bats to increase the zombie unit.

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