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Seems you army may benefit from infiltration for the simple reason you don't have many fast moving units. This way you can deploy your scorpions to where they may be needed most to counter a fast assault unit or the likes, in this case the move through cover ability will also be helpful.

Equipment wise, the Scorpions Claw is a popular choice, simply for the reason it hits at a high strength and is a power weapon, ideal for killing those tough foes. With other members of the squad nearby, they'll sheild him from any harm so he will get off those attacks and let off his own, but if striking first is important he still has the Chainsword to fall back on.

I myself am quite partial to the chainsabers, mainly for their ability to re-roll to hits and wounds, and on the charge you still get the 5 attacks. The lower strength is off set by these re-rolls so not too much to worry about in that respect, the only downside is that he'll not be able to wound those higher toughness creatures when equiped with the Scorpions Claw, however just avoid those units if thats the case and let something else tackle them.

Lastly the Biting blade, I would not recommend this because its not a power weapon and the exarch will loose an attack from it being a two handed weapon. It's strength is also highly dependant on him hitting, in which case the scorpions claw gives him a nice average. The main plus i do see with the weapon is that is still strikes in initiative order.

So in other words: I would recommend Shadowstrike, Stalker and either the Scorpions claw or the Chainsabres.

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Ah the old Striking Scorpions debate.
Well here is my two cents.
I use the Scorpion Brothers in infiltration.
Generally I use them to get at those nasty indirect fire units that can mess up most of our poor undefended 4+ armour save units, Basilisks...Whirlwinds..etc.
They are also great at taking out enemy Heavy Weapons Teams as well, Havocs, Devestators, IG Heavy Weapons Teams..etc.
This means that they are probably going up against armour or Longe Range Specialist (which are notorious for being lowly in HtoH).
I choose the Biting Blade. Immobile tanks are auto hit and since the Blade adds Str per can do the math.
I have even seen my opponents Basilisks and Whirlwinds move to try and get away from my Scorpions...bad idea! Because if you are moving away from my Scorpions then you are moving into the deadly firepower of the Eldar...and you know what they say...

"Their arrogance is matched only by their firepower"
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