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stuck in a rut!

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Hey guys im stuck in a sticky situation in my games club. Im the top player of 40k with my guard havin only lost one battle with them in 2 years, but its getting kinda boring because when i use the guard i dont even get a challenge. We're starting an up and coming 40k campaign and i was thinking of going maybe dark eldar, but if i went them i would most likely lose a few battles. Im not scared of losing or anything, but if one of the younger players beat me i would get a slagging i would never live down. So i dont know whether to use guard and have a very good chance of winning the campaign before it has started, of go another army but have the prospect of getting slated everyday for then on!!
sorry if this seems ****y!!
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What you could do is make some complete change to your guard. Like making it fully mechized, have nothing but autocannons..etc.
Zezza, why don't you construct an army based totaly on fluff, and/or something that would be considered pretty tacticaly unsound - then try to win with it, give yourself a bit of a challenge.

As for starting a new race. I think it's a great idea to go and get yourself another army, don't worry if you are poor with it, it's healthy to loose every once in a while. I wan't to get a small ultramarines force, but I promised myself I would finish painting my guard first!

Hope this helps
Thats the problem I found with my Death Guard. With 50 wins for 1 loss I've found that if I lose I'll just get taunted into crap. I find that if you're a good player with your guard, it will often carry over into another army. Maybe you could get a traitor guard army, and claim "it's designed to lose". Never have that as your intention, but when there's nothing on the line, there really isn't a problem.
taunting is not a problem if you switch to a completely new army....

or if you play the guard like one...

drop all the tactics you currently use, and try some off the wall stuff

(Personally, i abandoned my "stand and shoot" IG for a drop troop army to make the game more challenging... thus far it's been a hard learning curve...)
Here is the best advice we can give you.

Get the players who have trouble against you to post on here. I personally promise if they do, when they play you they will be much more of a challenge :)
for keeping with the same guard, yeah change it up if you want
for starting a new army, as for me... i went in a completely opposite approach than my imperial guard.
my ig, straight forward, stand and shoot, cheap and expendible
my eldar, themed, melee-oriented, fragile and decisive

my ig do quite well rarely losing, while my eldar tend to be 50:50, but it's fun to play them, to take on a whole new strategy than i ever consider using with my ig.

anyways, as for losing, taunting as never really been an issue with me, but then again i take a very laidback approach to gameplay. i'd say if you lost with a new army you'd get taunted less than if you lost with imperial guard, if it's that much of an issue. you should really just look around at the different army types and decide on something you'd find fun.

as i usually stop collecting armies for the most part at 1500 it doesn't take long before i'm off looking at prospective new armies, i plan on having one of each eventually... next stop... either iron warriors or blood angels.
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if i were you, if you want a real challenge, try allying some gkt's. they take up points, taking away alot of guard units, and making you change alot of your strategy. idk it could be a cheap way to spice things up.
or in that light, radical inquisitor with daemonhosts. could also throw in a land raider transport for that inquisitor lord if armor's your fetish.

alternatively there's also witchhunters and kroot mercs...

something off the wall, hmm.... how about an all infantry guard army that's assault oriented with a bunch of allied kroots to help with the assault, shrug. many different waeys to go
well if it is too easy then why dont you give yourself a handicap?
Thanks alot guys for the advice its really appreciated. I think ill just change my army about perhaps use grenadiers doctrine cos i really like the storm trooper models, or as warrior poet said maybe ill go mechanised but the thought of painting all those tanks is very scary indeed. ........Or maybe mechanised grenadiers!!!
U guys got any idea of that would be a gd idea? sure u would lose the numbers and heavy weapons but u would get a heap more special weapons and the army would be more close assaulty. Hmmm....
Grenadiers in cans can work very well...

get as much heavy support out of the chimeras as you can (stubber, bolter, multilaser) and it'll work...

in theory, mechanized + Grenadiers = small force (3 cans of grenadiers, 1 can of HQ) ... if you wanna run with it, you might consider using sentinels as well for a fully mobile support..

3 chimeras (HQ, 2 grenadiers) + 3 support sentinels + 9 fast attack sentinels....

throw in 3 Russes for amusement... and tell the other guy you're just running Armored Company.... mwaa haa haa...
Stuck in a winning rut? poor you.

DE are supposed to be lethal in the right hands (acording to every DE player I have ever met). So if your winning with IG I recomend Necrons. Most people play Marines and SM should take on Necropns no problem unless your good.
Wings of Doom said:
Stuck in a winning rut? poor you.

DE are supposed to be lethal in the right hands (acording to every DE player I have ever met). So if your winning with IG I recomend Necrons. Most people play Marines and SM should take on Necropns no problem unless your good.
He doesnt want recommendations on what army he should play if he wants to lose. no one wants to lose.

he just wants a way to spice things up and make them more challenging.

besides that, necrons are an incredibly scary force in the right hands. So dont go around saying "youll lose with necrons against SM unless your really good" which, apparently, he is seeing his current record.

sorry just dont like people who dont read things through thoroughly/ makes biased suggestions (necrons are bad against SM???)
I wish I was stuck in a winning rut. I have been losing ever single game I have ever played, well actually I won the last one, but that's because the kid I was playing had to leave, and at the time I had the objective, so default I won. However I don't count it as a win until we finish the full number of turns.
How many wins are we talking about?

A rut....sounds like you don't need to change tactics at all. Your group needs to pull there collective heads out of their.......anyway, I have never done it buttttttt. Just retire that list. I usually play the same list. Over and over. Maybe you should something new.

Here is the real deal.
The problem is that you will probably always beat those chumps. Find a new group of people to play. Move on to the big leagues.
I had a similar situation in which I always.....ALWAYS beat the snot out of my brother-in-law and his buddies. I've taken handicaps....changed lists.....It's just no fun. Especially for them. Give them an extra 500 pts. They still lost. If they had ever won it would have been a shallow victory in that I was outnumbered. After 15 victories over multiple armies, I just found a different group to game with. Yeah I still play my bro once in a while after a crushing defeat at my other group(hey you have to get your confidence back!) but it is not as much as I used to. I use both groups. I try out new tactics and wargear combos on my bro and bring the tested results to the big show.
Hope my experiences help.
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Thanks alot again guys u have been a great help, i was thinkin about starting to play regular games at the GW so as to vary my opponents from time to time but its quite a trek for me to get there and back. Also almost everytime im in the GW there seems to be an abundance of ****y people who either say they will beat u then dont play u, or play u then when their being beaten they just pack up and go, denying u the chance to finish them off. Do you guys have the same problem in ur local shops, or is it just my one!!
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