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1500 Space Wolves:

Ragnar Blackmane

Wolf Priest w/Necklace

Blood Claws X 9 w/Melta & Wolf Guard w/ Combi Melta and Powerfist

Land Raider Redeemer - Ragnar, WP & BC 12 total

Rune Priest w/Necklace, Storm Caller, Jaws

Grey Hunters X 8 w/Melta, Wolf Standard, Mark, Rhino & Wolf Guard w/Combi Melta and Powerfist

Grey Hunters X 9 w/Melta, Wolf Standard, Mark, Rhino & Wolf Guard w/Combi Melta and Powerfist

Wolf Scouts X 5 w/Melta, Meltabombs & Wolf Guard w/Combi Melta and Powerfist

Wolf Guard X 4 attached above

at 1750 added 2nd Rune Priest to GH in Rhino, filled out Scouts, and added 3rd full GH unit w/WG in drop pod or rhino.

Variation on this concept swaps out Blood Claws and Land Raider for Wolf Guards armed with Power weapons, and changes the Wolf priest for Wolf Guard Battle Leader with double Wolf claw:

WG Battle Leader w/ Wolf Claws (Sometimes Runic Armor, I run the Wolf priest with Runic armor when hes not with Ragnar.)

Wolf Guard X 8 in Rhino:
6 w/ Power Weapon & Bolt Pistol
1 w/Combi Melta & Power Fist
1 w/Mark & Combi Melta
(Roughly same points as BC in Land Raider ~285)

Concept is to run the Land Raider/Rhinos together to gain coversave from Rune Priest(s) at 1750 you have two RP for redundancy that might not be necessary, but with two RP with storm you can hopsotch along and shoot meltas or lightning. Wolf scouts outflank or infliltrate to pin, damage, or just cause havoc on the opponents line (they are proven little bastards.) At 1750 I am leaning towards the drop pod build for the 3rd GH unit to support the wolf scouts (almost duplicate thier role - killing tanks) or block or bait etc, but the Rhino seemingly works better for the bubble to work well.

Im new to playing space wolves or space marines. Generally in the past I have never had trouble killing a Land Raider when i want to, so I am resistant to playing a Land Raider because they cost so much. I really like the idea that you can assault from the land raider and want to play one just to drive a 14/14/14 beast around.

Bloodclaws with Wolfpriest is a neat trick, but Ragnar with Wolfguards and battle leader are ridiculous. I wonder what your expiereinces are with Land Raider vs more guys and Rhinos. Where else can Space Wolves find high initiative goodness?

You can see i have all together dropped Long fangs recently. They seem to be entirely unncessary. Dont have any Vindicators or I would be testing them out before working on Long Fangs anymore.

tell me what you think!

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Kinda similar to the drop pod bombs i was posting before. the whole army works in a bunch. The drop pod bomb drops mean wolfies that have enough utility to kill some of anything adn the rest of the army strategically races to them making the enemy decide what to try and stop, hurt a little, or destroy. Usually they try and mosty succeed at destroying what came down in the pod. The rest of the army chews through whatever it touches to steal opponent objectives and contest home if necessary and able. Bubble mech does similar but no hail-mary drop pod meanness, just strategic rush to opponents objective(s) eating whatever is available and then re-contesting home if neccessary and able. Enemy heavy support is always somewhat of a gamle anyways, but the idea is to distract or counter or kill enough with wolf scouts that mean stuff can still make it where its going. Bubble helps land raider or even rhinos survive to turn 3/4 ? Better then smoke alone.
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