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Lo all,

At my club we're holding a 40K tourny (a clubmembers only tourny) and this is my list:

- Njal Stormcaller
termi armor

- Wolf guard pack:
* Arjac upgrade
* termi, SB, PF
* termi, WC, WC
* termi, AssCan, PF
* termi, SB, ChainF

- 3x 10 Grey Hunters:
meltagun, plasma gun, standard

- 5 Skyclaw assault marines
one PF

- 5 Long Fangs
leader, 2xHB, LC, ML

- 5 Wolf Scouts
meltagun, plasma pistol

That's it weighing in at 1498pts

First battle won so far. Scouts didn't really do what i bought them for (3 attempts to destroy a predator on rear armor and all 3 failed) but they did manage to destroy a charging tactical squad though (ty counter-attack). Arjac is that bad either, managed to woop Sicarius' ass without too much effort.

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I would suggest mounting all your forces, rhinos for GH and LRC for the terms. This will give u much needed mobility. Also i would pick either mg or pg for your hunter squads mixing weapons doesn't usually take full advantage of either weapons strengths. other wise not a bad list. You may consider taking 4 ML and PC for your Long fangs but thats just personal preference.

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your GH squads have no rhino, no transports so they are vulnerable to pie paltes and your long fangs are built for anti-tank. i would max them out and give them all missile launchers.
Also 4 scoring unit is better than 3 in my experience.
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