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Here is my 1750 Wolf Guard list i think is pretty good:

Logan Grimnar 275 (to allow the Wolf guard as troops :p)
Rune Priest 100 (JOTWW, LL)

Wolf Guard x5 (TDA, Combi-plasma x5, Chainfist) 205
-Drop Pod- 35

Wolf Guard x5 (TDA, Combi-Melta x5, Chainfist) 205
-Drop Pod-

Wolf Guard x5 (TDA, 2WC x3 (3 models with 2 Wolf Claws....) 2x WC/SS) 265

Wolf Guard x5 (TDA, 1x TH/SS, 1x CF/SS, 1x FA/SS, 1xFS/SS, 1x WC/SS) 295

Fen.Wolves x10 80

Fen.Wolves x10 80

Long Fangs x5 (MMx2, MLx2) 115
-Drop Pod- 35

Long Fangs x5 (LC x2, MLx2) 145

Logan and Rune Priest in Drop Pod with Long Fangs.......
They come down turn one, with one of the Combi squads... depending on what needs dealing with more.....
The other 2 squads foot slog accros the board, with wolves in front of them, acting as a distraction :p with the back up of the other Long Fang squad.......
Anyway.... most people might think its crap, i think its ok, not that sure about it, just made it up, i changed 3/4 things while making it.... (like making 2 squad of wolf guard foot slog.....)
(I could take out second Long Fang sqaud or Fen.Wolves to give other wolf guard Drop Pods.... or i take Drop Pods out altogether? not sure.... :S 0

Hive Fleet Pandora
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Your 2 WG units on foot is too slow. By the time they footslog into the action, the other 2 WG units in pods will probably already be dead. Basically, the podders have no support. It's 2 units against the your opponent's entire army.

You need your support to get there much faster. Either use an all-drop pod army, get TWC's or swiftclaws, get LR/LRC/LRR transports for your foot WG's, or drop them in favor of GH's in rhinos.
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