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SW Leman Russ

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I was just wondering what other SW players th of
the SW leman Russ
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My brother plays SW and uses an Exterminator.

My Analysis.

Shooting. 3 Heavy Bolters an autocannon and a storm bolter give you 13 shots a turn. At a decent Bs.

Survivability. Its Hull is pretty tough, especialy against ML and if you combine it with a LR/LRC it can survive for a long time.

Manouverability. Its ability to move and fire all of that is annother major bonus. You can advance with footsloggers while dishing it out.
against horde armies it's the best tank you can get not even a predator get close to it's firepower but it is cheaper, plus it makes SW somewhat different than normal SM.
I play one from time-to-time-it's got the sponson Heavy Bolters and hull Lascannon. Works wonders when I'm playing against Tyranids or Guard, but not so much against Marines.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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