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Sweeping advance

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Boy am I full of questions today or what?

Okay, 3 separate units charge into cc and cause the 1 enemy unit to freak and bail (fall back).

Do all 3 units check their initiative to see if they can do so? Or do I pick one?

Sorry for the questions.
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I am pretty sure that all 3 since all 3 are in combat, they are all treated seperately, if one fails, the other gets a shot
I think all units that are still in btb with the fleeing unit get an initiative check...I think.
Do IC (such as a archon) get an iniative check of their own if they assualted with lets say a unit of warriors? i.e. do the warriors roll their initiative and then the archon gets to try?
If the Warriors are the Retinue, no. Roll just for the Archon's LD. If the Archon used as an IC roll for each.
The reason asked was to determine if having 3 different initiative checks was better than have one.

The situation I was thinking of was that of an Archon, Haemy and Succubus all in a biker squad. It would be better to have them all assault separated rather than one large group. That way I have 3 different chances of sweeping my foe in case one fails.

Just running scenarios in my head.
Just declare the two IC's seperate from the bike squad before charging and you get your three checks AND you get to make LD checks seperate if you fail, always nice.
Just to clearify a bit, you may only join or seperate ICs from a unit during the movement phase, and some people take the 2" rule very seriously, so sometimes its helpfull to make sure they are atleast 2" away from any other unit. Only then you can assault the unit and the IC as 2 seperate units assaulting. Unless of course he has a retinue, then he is part of that unit, and you always use the lowest initiative when determing sweeping advance (you only move as fast as your slowest model rule).
Ah, good point and well taken. Thanks all!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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